Sunday, 22 July 2012

Interview with Dead PinUps - Sam and Jamie

Entering The Suite Studio in Havant I was politely welcomed by Samhain from local unsigned band Dead PinUps as he with fellow band member Jamie were currently recording their brand new EP; here is their interview I did that very day where we talk about their new EP, performing and who they would appoint in charge of a magazine. I also tried something new in this interview that I will be doing again.....a quick fire round of questions as shown below. I think though next time when I ask different band members the quick fire round questions I'll mix the questions up each time or maybe ask a few at a time; other than that the quick fire round seemed to go down well with zombie rock band Dead PinUps.

QuickFire - Sam

Charlotte:  Beer or tea

Sam:  Cider

Charlotte:  Kopperberg or Strongbow

Sam:  Strongbow

Charlotte:  Lady Gaga or Lady and the Tramp

Sam:  Lady and the Tramp

Charlotte:  Ketchup or Brown Sauce

Sam:  Ketchup

Charlotte:  Ice Cream or Ice Ice Baby

Sam:  Ice Ice Baby

Charlotte:  Brighton or Bahamas

Sam:  Brighton

QuickFire - Jamie

Charlotte:  Beer or tea

Jamie:  Beer

Charlotte: Carlsberg or Becks

Jamie:  Carlsberg

Charlotte:  Lady Gaga or Lady and the Tramp

Jamie:  Lady Gaga

Charlotte:  Axl Rose or Freddie Mercury

Jamie:  Axl Rose

Charlotte:  Ketchup or Brown Sauce

Jamie:  Ketchup

Charlotte:  Ice Cream or Ice Ice Baby

Jamie:  Both

Charlotte:  Brighton or Bahamas

Jamie:  Bahamas

Charlotte:  Where did the name Dead PinUps come from?

Sam:  A drunken night out; it was going to be a London band with all London people but then we moved it Portsmouth.

Charlotte:  You are currently recording a new EP at the moment; I hope that's going well

Jamie:  It's going really well; because last time we recorded an EP it seemed really quick but this time was enjoyable

Charlotte:  Could you describe your EP in three words?

Sam:  Death, doom and filthy

Charlotte:  You have some songs on your online pages such as Facebook, Soundcloud etc. Are these going to be included on the EP or is it all new material?

Sam:  This EP is totally new, it's full of porn samples and it's all about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll really.

Charlotte:  What inspirations come to mind when writing and creating music?

Jamie:  For Dead PinUps inspirations as we mentioned in a previous interview; B Movies and really sleazy rock 'n' roll.

Charlotte:  You recently appeared on the cover of Unsigned Muso, congratulations for that. If you were in charge of your own magazine, who would you appoint as editor, photographer, weekly columnist and agony aunt/uncle?

Sam:  Bruce Dickinson for all of them
Jamie:  And Ron Jeremy

Charlotte:  And your reasons why?

Sam:  Bruce Dickinson is just awesome; he's in Maiden.

Charlotte:  You have all performed at Sonisphere along side Corey Taylor?

Sam:  Yeah that was myself and Jamie; he was my sound tech for the gig.

Charlotte:  How would compare that to performing your biggest headline show?

Sam:  I don't know, each gig is different that you have to take with a pinch of salt. We try and perform to the best of our abilities whether it's five people or a thousand people; those people have come, made the effort, paid the money to see your show. Just because there is four other people apart from them, they shouldn't have a lesser show

Charlotte:  What's your best gig you have ever done?

Jamie:  I really liked Halloween at the Intrepid Fox.
Sam:  That was a really good gig; tiny, really really disgustingly hot and sweaty gig dressed up as zombies.

Charlotte:  You describe yourselves as a zombie rock band?

Sam:  It's hard to define yourself in a genre these days because there is so much going around. Try not to pigeon hole yourself.

Charlotte:  Finally; what advice would you give to unsigned bands starting a music career?

Sam:  Don't jump on the band wagon; it's all too easy.
Jamie:  Don't look for a label; because labels are a downfall at the end of the day.
Sam:  Especially with this EP we're doing it ourselves for ourselves; we're really enjoying it on how it sounds and if someone else doesn't like then we are not going to be too disgruntled because in a few years time we'll look back and hopefully have a raging stonk on by listening to it. Especially the porn samples.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Interview with Russ Diapper

Well hello everyone; you may have noticed I have not posted for two weeks! It was because I was in Florida for two weeks. Before I jetted off to this sunny place I conducted an interview with up and coming blues rock artist Russ Diapper, where we spoke about his charity single, where he would like to play a gig and who he would invite to a dinner party. Here is the interview as follows.

Charlotte:  What are your musical influences?

Russ:  Well you know, its Like I've always said, I was born into rock. Not in a 'Hey my Dad is John Lennon' kind of way, I grew up listening to my mum's vinyls of The Who, The Beatles, AC/DC, Sammy Hagar, Queen etc, so I took a lot of influences from all areas. Guys Like Sammy Hagar, Roger Daltrey, of course Alice Cooper is the master. I love David Lee Roth and I'm a drummer too, so in that dept its Keith Moon all the way. I like guys who are different and set a blue print. As John Entwistle said, 'What really makes you different is the DESIRE to be different'. In terms of musical style...I love blues and classic all sorts! It's a massive bag of worms that I'm not gonna devour right now.

Charlotte:  Excellent; as well as a musician you also film videos for bands, is there a balance between the two?

Russ:  I've always been into film making so its a perfect balance. I used to separate the two, but I thought hey I have all this HD Video equipment, so why not use it? To help others? and its Business venture at the end of the way. I love meeting new musicians and going to shows. Not many young bands can afford their own multi-angle HD DVD of their I offer it at a price where at most, each band member has to chip in a tenner. It's a hobby for me that compliments the music, plus I have an obsession with filming my own gigs and archiving performances. Its a good way to learn and see if your hitting your marks on stage.

Charlotte:  That sounds amazing; do you help film your own music videos?

Russ:  Being an independent musician isn't easy. And by Independent I mean indie in the way of self funded/managed. Not indie in the bland, 3 chord British music way. I've always overlooked and produced nearly every aspect of my music and merch/promos. So I direct all the videos. They are whipped up quick, just something to put an image and some promo out you know? We just have fun with them. Like the new single and video 'DoomsDay' is a dark track, quite a different style to the rest of the record. The video was great fun to do, there's 3 different themes explored in there and I got to wear a tonne of make up, which is always fun. I could get someone else to do the video, sure. I will sometime...but right now, I'm happy working on all this stuff. I want to take it as far as I can on my own, so one day when someone else starts doing some of the work for me, its going to feel like a breeze!

Charlotte:  The video for Doomsday is very dark and quite spooky. Do you plan to make a music video for another song off the album Kingsnake?

Russ:  Well thanks, that was the idea. I'm a horror film maker when I do film stuff mainly so..without falling into the trap of turning into a misfits tribute (I've been there before and I'd love to again but I'm avoiding temptation!) I wanted to do something a bit darker with a horror element. the video was knocked up in about 2 days..made up of pieces I had shot for a horror film, and new material which was track-specific. Doomsday is the last single from the album, so no other video's now until the charity single, I'd imagine anyway!

Charlotte:  A charity single? Tell me more

Russ:  Well....we all need to raise money for charity. I could spend all year working on projects for charity's and only just touch the service. A proud member of Save the Children, Greenpeace, PETA etc...the list goes on but something personal for me...and statistically 1 in Cancer so I chose to release a single to raise money for Cancer Research. I've done some charity stuff before but I'm hoping this will be different. Some people make cookies and cakes....some hold events...I thought I would release a single, and give the money to charity. I'm working with David Lee Roth's old studio/touring guitarist on it also, he's playing lead and he's a monster player. I'm very exited about it and its going to be a great release. I'm hoping to squeeze a few bonus tracks on there also, so you will get just enough bang for your buck..and its a good enough cause to help you sleep well at night knowing you have done your bit, in the best way possible. I wrote a song that has lyrics that aren't too soppy, on the nose and at the same time...they aren't too happy either. I really hope people listen to the lyrics and really like them, and see what I'm saying. its a bittersweet song with a bridge that says 'Hold on tight, don't let go! Life goes on (and so does the show)'. That's all I'm giving away until its finished but I've laid down all the vocals and the keyboards etc and Its sounding epic. I just cant wait to unleash it and see how much I can raise for this great cause. Its with full support and blessing of cancer research UK which is nice. They sent me free t-shirts and everything! Which make me look sexy I will say...I'll wear them with pride! 

Charlotte:  That sounds like a fantastic thing you are doing; are you planning to hold a launch for the single and when are you planning to release it?

Russ:  Well I hope people appreciate it for sure. To be honest, I'd like to hold an event for the release, but it will honestly be more of a networking party, rather than an event I will play at. If I did, it would be an unplugged event or something like that, not a full gig. I just wanna get the word out and rather than holding some big event for it, I just want to release the song and start raising cash for charity and getting people enjoying the music with a good message that we should all listen take to heart. As for releasing, I will release the single as soon as Its finished! Its taking a while and its been in the works for a longtime, but the legwork is done. So not long I hope. Definitely no later than Autumn I hope. The track isn't even in our set for the new tour at the moment, its spiritually a separate entity from me and the band. Speaking of which I have the best band joining me on the road for the next set of gigs, some of which have been announced on our Facebook page.

Charlotte:  Tell us about the tour you have planned for this summer

Russ:  Well I'm exited about the tour, we're still adding new dates all the time but its getting there! Playing the hobbit for the first time and The Brook again, which is always great fun. We have a new set list with the best tracks from the last tour and some ones from the new album , plus some new covers so its going to be a lot of fun. We have a new bass player and a monster of a new guitarist and both of them I cant wait to show off, its going to be a great show for sure! Keeping the spirit of rock and roll alive, as always 

Charlotte:  Where would your dream venue take place? This can be realistic or unrealistic

Russ:  Well that's a really tough question. Somewhere like the house of blues or BB Kings. Somewhere that has atmosphere and some history, rather than 'wembley stadium'. but I would take that too! I like to play places where people 'get' the music and want to be there, rather than a huge place that crams as many people in as they can, when they might not know what they are expecting. I've played some places that have been full and the atmosphere has been dead...some places are pretty empty but it works! You never know what your going to get, and until your signed to Universal or Sony, you have to get used to that. But the fun is not knowing! I've only played a handful of bad gigs mind you. it all depends on the crowd!

Charlotte:   Which five musicians would you invite to a dinner party and why? They can be dead or alive 

Russ:  Now that's a question! The famous Russ Diapper Dinner for the Dead! Well...I'd have to have Keith Moon as the crazy host, John Entwistle as the Butler, Jim Morrison as the chef, John Bonham as the Sous-Chef and Bon Scott as the master of ceremonies. I'll cook the starters, open a bottle of Jack Daniel's, sit back, eat and watch the fireworks! If we need door security then I'll hire Buddy Rich..he has all the doorman attitude and the martial arts skills..either that or he could drum any trouble back out the door. What a party it would for living dinner guests...Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth, Les Claypool and Joe Satriani are all welcome.  I'd have to have my band the runaway train along also, couldn't do it without them! Now who's hungry . . .PS. Better call Buddy Guy to actually provide some background blues . . .

Charlotte:   Excellent mix of musicians; finally what does the future hold for Russ' Runaway Train?

Russ:  Ahh who knows! At this point all I can guarantee is a string of great gigs and a promise that I'll do my best to keep the spirit of rock and roll alive! Hopefully I'll raise some cash for charity also, while rocking out! Peace out, thanks for having me. see you on the road!