Friday, 29 July 2011

Sworn To Oath - Last Call

Having only found out about Sworn To Oath today it came to my attention they had a new single out this week that I bought from Amazon as a MP3 file. Must say I am highly impressed by these rockers who hail from The Midlands in the UK. It starts off as a dirty grungy guitar riff building up to an almighty melody that is sang by a vocalist who has incredible pipes. I personally really liked this song; I have also bought their EP to listen too. I wish these guys the best of luck with the release of their new single and hope to hear more from them soon.

For fans of Heaven's Basement

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Where are they now? - Issue 7

Another issue of Where Are They Now? is among us; this week features Goo Goo Dolls, Nickelback and McFly.

Goo Goo Dolls charmed audiences all over the world with their heart warming super hit Iris; they have a fantastic style of music that touches and captivates the hearts of so many. Front man John Rzeznik also wowed audiences when he wrote and sang the powerful song I'm Still Here for Disney's Treasure Planet commorating the main character Jim. Recent Goo Goo Doll news is that they recorded a song for the new Transformers film that is avaliable to buy now.

Now Nickelback are a personal favourite band of mine; I adore Chad Kroeger's voice and song writing skills. They have had so many successful albums from The State to the most recent Dark Horse that have gained them so many fan bases worldwide. With hits such as Someday, Burn It To The Ground, Rockstar and the ground breaking How You Remind Me have been performed at the biggest arenas. So what are they doing right now? Well rumours say that are working on their 7th studio album; Dark Horse is a personal favourite album of mine, so it will be fantastic if they make another one as good as that or even better.

I remember the debate going on when McFly came into the limelight for the first time when I was starting secondary school I think; it was a Busted vs. McFly. I remember their songs making me smile from Obviously to Star Girl; they have so many successful albums and a lot of sold out tours. They are definitely one of Britian's successful music acts since The Beatles; rumours are they are working on a brand new album and they have their own successful TV show called McFly On The Wall.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hang In Balance

I saw a man named Daniel Waples playing a strange percussion instrument I saw busking in Bath on Saturday; I was very intrigued by the sound this drum produced, it sounded like a softer version of a steel drum they play in the Carribean. The album I purchased online had a very relaxing vibe about it and I also loved how the drum fitted together with melodies being played on the violin; can predict big things for this man. I hope he chooses to busk in Southampton sometime.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

In Darklight - In Darklight EP

Well well it seems like yesterday since I saw these guys for the very first time performing at The Soul Cellar in Southampton as a support act for London hard rockers New Device; I signed to their mailing list and didn't look back. Since their excellent debut Dying To Confess, Andover alternative/experimental rock trio In Darklight do work their magic fingers on the music industry and I am very happy to be reviewing their brand new self titled EP. It includes some favourites of mine that I have heard at their many live shows I have seen; Break, I just love the upbeat bounciness that puts the biggest smile on my face and Slaves, the melody is very catchy and it has a brilliant foot tapping beat. Anyways I can honestly say that this new EP from the boys was definitely worth the wait; a sign of them progressing into the music industry. Cannot wait to see them at Clapham Grand in London on 19th August; click here to buy a ticket and other In Darklight merchandise.

Stand out tracks: Slaves, Break and Quickfire

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Bath; England

Hello everyone how are you all? I have just got back from spending a couple of days in Bath; the most relaxing two days of my life so far.

We arrived and checked into a local Travelodge and started to make our way over to a mini golf course. On the way up we saw so many amazing sights; a man walking across a tightrope whilst playing a fiddle and a Chinese art exhibition that increased my love for the art. So many colours and powerful emotions displayed in the imagery.

It was also great to see the different street acts in Bath; one person that particularly caught my eye was a young man playing some sort of percussion instrument, like a steel drum but he was playing it with his fingers. I shall write a more detailed post about him soon.

The mini golf course was situated in the most beautiful park; wide open green grass fields and some great architecture. The golf course was brilliant; I loved how it was set over flowing streams and the challenging holes (highest score 7) but overall a great golf course. 

We then made our way over to the fashion museum; incredible, learnt a lot and saw some costumes from the greatest films such as Pirates Of The Carribean, The King's Speech and Gladiator. My sister and I got to try on similar garments ladies wore in the eighteenth century; could not breath in that corset, so glad these garments went out of fashion.

The food in Bath is another aspect of what makes this city so amazing; we went to Tillie's Bistro for an evening meal, had some what I would call some fancy dishes but it's set in a cosy atmosphere that I think makes the restaurant spectacular. Boston Tea Part was a fantastic place to have breakfast with it's friendly staff and fantastic menu; anyone visiting Bath I would recommend those two restaurants.

The Spa was absoulutely wonderful; I had never felt so relaxed, there was a rooftop swimming pool that reminded me of heaven and the Minerva pool on the lower ground floor. The Eucalyptus steam room was cooling and calming; could have stayed in there all day long and the giant shower made me feel at one with the water.

Take care now

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I was horrified at the news about happened in Norway, innocent lives being lost and thousands seriously injured. It really breaks my heart to open my eyes to the fact of how cruel some people can be; when I heard the news my thoughts went to a couple of my uni friends who live in Norway and my thoughts went with them immediately.

My heart goes out to all the families of the young people killed at that youth camp; it really wasn't called for at all. I'm not a believer in God but I pray that justice will bring down whoever is resposible for this disgusting crime that killed and injured so many innocent lives.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Well it's literally just been announced that soul/pop singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her North London flat today; I am actually saddened by this news. She was such a talented singer, had a few sucessfuls albums and won so many awards for her work. The only problem was her lifestyle; in her famous song Rehab she describes how she doesn't want to go to rehab. I think a lot of us have a gut feeling that drink and drugs are to blame for her death. It seems to be the common killer of young talented singers.

Click here to find out more details

I leave you with a song by her; R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Kodiak Jack - Your Death My Glory

Very proud to write a post about one of Angry Badger's finest rock bands Kodiak Jack; they are a Portsmouth based rock band who I have seen I think twice and was impressed with their live performances. This post is all about their debut album Your Death My Glory; opening with the almighty Crossfire where vocalist Bryn Roberts sound very much like Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, it has you hooked on a monster riff that is played throughout the song. Not just the song but the whole album; in every single one of the songs you can hear the biggest guitar solos that make you wonder why these guys are still playing in the small pubs when they could be playing in a massive arena.I love the versatile collection of songs these guys produced; whether is was the fast paced Your City To Burn or a touching acoustic My Condition. 

Overall a fantastic debut album that has increased my love for these guys; cannot wait to catch them on their mini UK tour that they are currently putting together. Kodiak Jack are already blooming in the music industry with their shows completely selling out in their home town and two successful EPs; this album could definitely give a boost to their music career.

Stand out tracks:  Crossfire, Prettier When She Smiles and Waves

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Chasing Skylines - Kings Of Queens

Alternative rockers hailing from Birmingham, better known as Chasing Skylines, continue to impress me with their fast energy and catchy melodies in their brand new song Kings Of Queens. It starts of with a very slick catchy guitar riff that has you hooked to the song straight away; I also think that vocalist Phil Easthorpe has great vocal pipes. This might about the third time I have listened to this song in the past half hour I think. Keep up the great work guys, please please please come to Southampton soon.

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How Do You Like To See Live Music?

This question came up on Roadrunner Records that I was more than happy to answer. One of the aspects of music I love is live concerts; I just love the buzz from a great performance from your favourite or the best upcoming bands. I picked in a tiny underground club in answer to the question; those gigs are often intimate, the best upcoming bands start at these kinds of venues. You also get to talk to the bands after the show. I would have also picked in an arena and a massive day long outdoor festival; all of those generate a great atmosphere too.

Click here to access the poll now, I now leave you with a video by a band from this epic record label.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Where are they now? - Issue 6

Well here we have another issue of Where Are They Now? This week features Within Temptation, Newton Faulkner and Maroon 5.

Now Within Temptation took a break from the music when lead singer Sharon Den Adel and guitarist Robert Wendershalt were expecting their third child; their most recent album The Unforgiving is an incredible masterpiece. They are also touring in November to promote this new album; I really love their music, gripping instrumentals and enchantingly haunting vocals from Sharon. This album was released along side a series of comic strips and short films enforcing the story behind the The Unforgiving.

I was listening to a song by dreadlocked British singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner one evening and wondered what had happened to him; he has had two hit albums Handbuilt By Robots and Rebuilt By Humans. His songs Teardrop, All I Got and Dream Catch Me are all incredible; he is a very talented individual with a fantastic voice, excellent guitarist and an amazing lyricist. He is currently working on a 3rd studio album that is scheduled to be released in 2012.

Well it has been a while since I have listened to Maroon 5's debut album Songs About Jane; I clearly remember the hit songs such as Harder To Breathe, She Will Be Loved and Sunday Morning. I did like this album a lot; a few years later their single Makes Me Wonder came into light, I remember liking this single too. It does make me wonder (no pun intended) what Maroon 5 do since they do have three albums out already; I hope to hear more from them since they are a good band with a number of feelgood hits.

A magical conclusion

Hello lovely people; how are we today? Last night I went to see the last ever Harry Potter film; I have been reading the books and watching the films since I was about nine years old. So it was exciting to see the epic conclusion of a brilliant fictional series; every moment had me on the edge of my seat since I had read the book before I was waiting for the questions to be answered, relationships commencing and a final battle between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle (a.k.a Lord Voldermort). I also witnessed the long awaited kiss from Ron and Hermione; I had an inkling (I think we all did) that these two would get together. Not to mention the visuals, camera angles and the music were just spectacular; my heart was racing every moment of the film, was still shaking when I had left the cinema from the gripping action scenes.

Overall a brilliant end to the popular series I have grown up with, the best film of the lot in fact. Although the magical series will be over the Harry Potter legacy shall live on in our hearts.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

6 Minutes To Sunrise

Recieving a page suggestion from a friend today on Facebook; it lead to a band he was now part. They are four piece alternative rock band called 6 Minutes To Sunrise who hail from Southampton; 6 Minutes to Sunrise keep up the excellent reputation that Southampton has for music. Listening to them I really love their grungy tunage with the clear melody that shines through like a sun coming out on a cloudy day. Similar sounding to Pearl Jam mixing it up with Foo Fighters. From the three songs I have heard I can definately see a versatile sound from them; it's brilliant when a band shows that from day one. Hope to hear more from them soon and hopefully see a gig from them. You can listen to their music on Facebook and MySpace.

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For fans of Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

Well it has been a while since I have heard brand new material from Californian rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers; they are one my bands that got me into rock music so I was looking forward to this new single. It was released for a worldwide premier today; it's taken from their upcoming album I'm With You which shall be released 30th August this year. At the first listen I must say I wasn't overly keen; it sounded pretty much like anything you'd hear today, I thought they'd lost their flare. Although after a second listen I found the flare wasn't lost; you could call the track a grower if you like. This is the first single I have heard with new guitarist and I must say he did a fantastic job with the unusually fantastic guitar riffs that are one of the RHCP's selling points. Also Flea skills on the bass have not vanished; he is one of rock's greatest bass players.

Overall a good song; although I slightly prefer their previous material after hearing this. I hoping the rest of the album will be just as good, if not better.

Click here to listen to the new song

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Where are they now? - Issue 5

Yes I understand this is a few days late; I apologise. Artists this week include Mika, Nightwish and Drowning Pool.

I'm sure we remember the high pitched voice singing Grace Kelly and us trying to beat him at his game. He had two very iconic albums since then but exactly what happened to Mika? I remember watching him live in concert too; he was very theatrical and had so many props on stage, it was magical. He is currently writing new material for his next studio album that'll be released sometime next year; Mika himself says 'It'll be more simple and less layered than the last album'. Shall take your word for it Mika and shall see what else you can produce.

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metal gods have taken a break from touring to work on something spectacular for their new album that is due for a release next year. There will also be a film based on the brand new album; this will definately be one spectacular unique moment in music history. Also singer Anette Olzon has released some demos taken from a brand new solo album, still playing the waiting game for a brand new single releases from the album but will hopefully get an inkling soon.

Now I heard only heard about alternative metallers Drowning Pool briefly on superhero film soundtracks and Guitar Hero. Doing some research I had had they have four studio albums and regularly tour; they are due to go on tour with fellow alternative rockers Trust Company. Maybe a brand new album could be in the making; I don't know but hopefully they'll do something amazing to get back in England at least.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hello lovely people

How are we this morning?? Such a beautiful day outside today; reflects how I'm feeling. I found out that I passed my first year at Southampton Solent university and I'll be progressing onto the second year. The results came up at midnight last night, was hoping I could wait til this morning to open them but I couldn't sleep. I had been waiting for the results for quite some time so I had to know; anyways, very happy with the marks I got for different things and look forward to the second year.

Take care for now
Tuomaslotte :) xxx

Here is a video to reflect my happiness :) xxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is....

Have been waiting for this for quite some time; eagerly opening the packaging of the CD I was beaming for joy as it was the new Theory Of A Deadman album. I loved their previous album Scars and Souvenirs, I also know that personal favourite song Lowlife was on the album too. Anyways the album starts of with Lowlife; no suprise there, but still a great song. After the album gets better and better; with such songs as Bitch Came Back and The Truth Is...(I Lied About Everything); what I found about Theory Of A Deadman is that they are brilliant at producing a versatile selection of songs. As well as the really bouncy up beat tunage we also hear some very heartfelt ballads such as Head Above Water and Out Of My Head. The track Hurricane stood out to me; it had a very epic instrumental.

Overall a fantastic album from the Canadian rockers; this album marks why I cannot wait to see them live on tour in November with fellow rockers Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry. I can imagine some of these tracks sounding amazing live.

Stand Out Tracks:  Bitch Came Back, Out Of My Head and Hurricane

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Vithor Moraes

This post is all about a very talented young Brazilian keyboardist; I mentioned him briefly at the beginning when he did an outstanding cover of Nightwish's The Poet And The Pendulum. Browsing through his YouTube channel I can see he has covered a lot of songs by Nightwish, After Forever, Epica and Within Temptation. I also love how some of the videos are edited; very much like professional music videos. I hope his musical career esculates; it's clear he could be the next master of the keys a.k.a Tuomas Holopainen. Here is one of his covers.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Incubus - If Not Now, When?

In Darklight drummer and good friend Louis Sellers mentioned this album and said he really loved it; he recommended I listened to it. I'm very glad he did, listening to it on Spotify, a vital tool for music lovers everywhere, I started to listen to it. I hadn't heard their previous material before but I really liked the mellow, laid back vibe this album gave. It is nice to take a break from the heavy disstorted guitars and thrashing drums. Some of the songs sounded a little bit like one of my favourite Finnish bands Poets Of The Fall, the singer does anyway; especially in songs If Not Now When? and The Original. I think my personal favourite song on the album is a song called Isadore; it has a strong melody and it has a warm heartfelt like feeling to it, I can also imagine the song being performed in a huge arena somewhere. I also really like the song Defiance; it shows how amazing a singer can be with a single instrument, the acoustic guitar.

Overall a masterpiece; I am going to listen to their previous material to see if there is a difference. I possibly have a new favourite album.

Stand Out Tracks:  Isadore, Defiance and Adolescents

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Friday, 8 July 2011

Gecko, The Fourth The Fifth and Wilf? at The Cellar; Southampton 7/7/2011

Last night I felt absolutely relieved to be going out; I have been out of uni for a couple of months now and being cooped up in the house most days like a caged bear with nothing to do. It was great to get out again.

First band to play were a band called What Is Life For? (a.k.a Wilf?); a lot of my college friends came to see them play and they were telling me great things about them. They got off to a great energetic start; a lot of the music was very uplifting. I hadn't actually heard them before until last night and they impressed me highly with their amazing music and interaction with the crowd. I had purchased an EP from them and you may see a post about them shortly.

The Fourth The Fifth were up next; a lot of their songs did get of to a catchy start. They had a Thin Lizzy like sound; they weren't my cup of tea but I recommend them to anyone who loves bands like Boston and Thin Lizzy. I felt something was missing from their performance so in my opinion the songs felt quite long. They had a great stage presence and great charisma.

I had heard some of Gecko's music before and loved the southern American rock sound to it. I couldn't stay for the entire set since I had to catch the last train back but I loved what I heard for the first segment of their set. Really enjoyable, upbeat melodies; I also loved the line up. Most of us are used to seeing a guitarist or bassist playing lead singer in a band but this time it was drummer Russ Diapper providing lead vocals. It's a great change to the usual line up.

Overall a great night; the warm lively atmosphere made it all worth while.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Where Are They Now? - Issue 4

Well this week's bands I will be writing about today are Dido, The Rasmus and Lil' Chris.

I remember Dido's iconic song White Flag being played all over the place;  she has had three albums out with a fourth one underway. She had some pretty good collaborations such as with US rapper Eminem; who in fact introduced her to US audiences when she was first starting out. So far we don't know how far along the new album is going but it said to be due for release in 2012.

The Rasmus were another rock band that made me realise that I preferred music on the heavier end of the spectrum. The rockers from the four piece alternative/goth rock group made their mark on a number of different countries with their song In The Shadows. They have also had a number of successful albums that went platinum; so what happened to them exactly? They released a greatest hits CD so does this mean no more albums from a successful rock band? Of course not; they are currently working on another album that may go platinum too.

Lil' Chris rose to fame at the age of 16 via Channel Four programme Rock School where Kiss legend Gene Simmons tried to form a class room of children into a rock band; he caught Gene's eye immediately with his talent to sing, play guitar, bass keyboard AND drums. He was picked to be the frontman and lead singer; he with his band opened for Judas Priest, Anthrax and Rob Zombie in the final episode. That didn't stop for young Chris; he went on to pursue a solo career releasing debut single Checkin It Out. He had an album which I was tempted to buy to annoy my mum who really didn't like his sound; I personally liked his music, catchy and upbeat. I think he's left the music career behind to go on being a TV personality on more than one occasion and has been a guest DJ in several clubs. Will he go back to making music? We'll soon see.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A musical I would really love to see

Hello people 

How's tricks?? Yesterday I came across a link to an advert telling me about a brand new musical based on the songs by T.Rex. I was very excited indeed; I love T-Rex and his music, may he now rest in peace. I've seen T-Rextasy about three times; I would so love to see this on stage, I am willing to trek through Ipswhich just to watch this onstage.

For more information click here

I'll leave you with a personal favourite T-Rex song; take care now

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Anette Olzon - Demo songs

Reading Anette Olzon's blog today I saw she had posted some songs she had recorded a couple of years ago for her solo album; the rest of the recording had to be postponed since Anette was expecting a baby at the time. Listening to the song Floating gave me a sense of happiness; I love the floaty beat and her heavenly voice. Invincible had a folky sound to it that was wonderful; I also love the distinct contrast between her solo work and when she's with Nightwish. I find her voice was softer with these two songs here; I also love her voice when she sings with Nightwish, it's great how her can adapt to so many styles of music.

I cannot wait for her brand new album to be released; it's amazing how well she is doing since joining Nightwish. Here is one of her songs.

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Friday, 1 July 2011

Slash - Slash

I absolutely adore the talented legendary Slash; I loved the riffs he played for Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver. So I was very honoured to have listened to this top hatted guitarist's brand new solo album; the whole album from start to finish was incredible! I loved how Slash brought together a different array of singers from the rainbow of music genres; from Kid Rock to Black Eye Peas Fergie and produced a vast amount of different sounding songs. My personal favourites on the album are Ghost and Beautiful Dangerous; Ghost I had first heard on the game Guitar Hero and loved the epic riff. Beautiful Dangerous is such as sexy track and I love how Fergie, the singer from a hip hop group, and the legendary rock guitarist combine. It works so well; fellow rock legends Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister join Slash to make great music. If you love legendary rock music then purchase this album; it is possibly a new favourite album.

Stand Out Tracks:  Ghost, Beautiful Dangerous and Doctor Alibi

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