Thursday, 30 June 2011

Daniel Leigh - The End Of Hope (Is A Long Way To Go)

Daniel Leigh is usually well known for front London hard rock band New Device; he tends to take a break by performing solo stuff exploring all types of genres. There is a huge contrast between his solo stuff and his work with New Device; his brand new EP is due for a release soon and this song I'm reviewing today is his single from the EP. It's called The End Of Hope (Is A Long Way To Go); it's the song to get you through those dark moments in your life, it encourages the thought that hope is never ever lost and that's one of the most wonderful things about this song. I had heard this song performed live at his acoustic sets so was wondering what the studio recording sounded like, I was very happy it consisted of an acoustic guitar combined with one of the most amazing voices today. This is possibly about the fifth time I have listened to this song in the past day or so and I am still blown away; the title of the song is very very true.

If the rest of his brand new EP is as brilliant as this song, I have nothing to worry about. Cannot wait fot it; keep up the good work. To show you what a wonderful solo artist he is I leave with a video I found of him singing the song.

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Where are they now? - Issue 3

Hi guys; wow weeks do fly by don't they. Time for another issue of Where Are They Now? This week features Razorlight, Busted and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Now I must admit I am not Razorlight's biggest fan but I have wondered where Johnny Borrell in his skin tight white jeans and co had gone since they are a very popular band amongst youth culture. They have had three sucessful albums with a lot of singles; In The Morning, America, Fall To Pieces and the hit that made them famous Golden Touch. Well doing some research they are working on a fourth album which could make the British charts, so Razorlight could be storming the charts again soon.

Now a lot of girls my age now can remember being mad about Busted when they were in their prime time; I remember my school disco when I was about eleven years old and lots of girls screaming when their song Year 3000 came on. To be honest I did like Busted but only for their music; a lot of the other girls always seemed to talk about who was the cutest. They went their separate ways after Charlie Simpson left to join Fightstar, Matt Wilson had a brief solo career just before going into rehab and James Bourne had a brief stint with a band called Son Of Dork. There have been rumours that the band will get back together; Charlie however will not be apart of it, he wants to continue flying solo.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of my favourite bands; basically I was still discovering rock music when I came across them so I bought their album By The Way that I fell in love with at the first listen. They have been running for over 20 years; since their release of Stadium Aracadium they disappeared for a while; guitarist John Frusciante had left the band for a second time to persue a solo career. When I heard about a new album release this year I was over the moon; it's to be released at the end of August this year. It will be the first album with Frusciante replacement Josh Klinghoffer. I am really excited about the new album.

That's it for this week; any more bands? Give me a buzz :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Get Well Soon Andy - Video

Remember in a previous post I was saying about how fans of Black Veil Brides came together from all over the world to send in messages, videos, photos etc to be put together in one final video for lead vocalist Andy Biersack to see. Andy had shattered three ribs whilst performing at a Hollywood show; he is resting until he gets better and in this video, the fans show their love and support. I absoulutely adore videos that fans help to make; it just makes it extra special for the band. Anyways here is the video below; the final outcome is fantastic, I want to give a shout to the girl who sent in the video of doing tricks with a light up hula hoop whilst holding a card saying 'Get Well Andy'. I just want to say to this girl that she is a genius.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Caro Emerald - Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor

I had seen this album advertised on the TV and was very intrigued by Caro Emerald's sound; it reminded me of old fashioned jazz that you don't seem to hear in mainstream culture. So it was definately great to see some original sounding music. Anyway when my sister told me she owned the album I asked if I could borrow it; I am so glad I did. The first song That Man is such a great song; I had heard it before so I was glad it was on the album. I love how the lyrics from each song seem to relate to what singers from the 50s sang about; romance, deception. It's amazing how the jazz fuses together with a bossa nova, samba beat. Each song had a different upbeat finger snapping rhythm. I also love how each song stood out for instance Dr Wanna Do; it sounds so much like a song you would hear in an old fashioned musical and it just made me smile.

Overall a fantastic album; I love how each song made me dance in my seat and I love the contrast between romance and deception throughout. Definately keeps you on your toes; could possibly be on Tuomaslotte's 2011 lists somewhere.

Stand Out Tracks:  That Man, Dr Wanna Do and Stuck

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Western Sand @ The Brooke; Southampton 26/6/2011

Last night I went down to The Brooke to watch Western Sand play; well it intentionally was going to be four pop punk bands but due to one pulling out at the last minute and another pulling out days before the event Western Sand were asked to fill in. I am so glad that was the case because I had seen Western Sand play a fantastic set when they supported Heaven's Basement and Jettblack back in May. Their set last night was a reminder of how awesome these guys are; Tyler Hains sounds exactly like Chris Robertson from Black Stone Cherry possibly better. Their melodies are amazing and I love a lot of the guitar riffs; I am definately going to buy their album and will definately see them again soon. No pictures with this review I'm afraid; until my new camera battery charger arrives I don't have a camera for now, for the London post I borrowed my mum's. Hopefully the battery charger will arrive soon and I'll be able to take gig pictures again. Here's video I found from one of their previous gigs; wasn't from last night.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My day out in London

Just realised I haven't told you guys about my trip to London; my best friend and I needed a bit of cheering up. This day out was just what the doctor ordered; we were tourists in our own country.

The first part of our day took place in Camden Market; it's a treasure trove for those looking for a bit of alternative culture. The set up is very vintage old town style and that's I love about it, we both gorged on the biggest slices of pizzas you could lay your eyes on. I also came across a stall where fish nibble the dead skin cells off your feet; it was one of the strangest treatments but at the same time it was very relaxing and my feet are still feeling incredibly soft. £10 well spent I thought.

Fish nibbling treatment
The next part of our trip took place in the home of street artists Covent Garden; after climbing about 200 stairs at the station Becca and I were grateful to be in one of my personal favourite parts of London. I love the living statues there; you put a penny in their basket and they do something amazing. I also admire their talent to stay incredibly still for such a long time. Becca and I gorged on more food; two large crepes this time; there's this cosy little cafe with wooden benches where we had them.

Stick em up!!!
He's balancing a bike on his head.....HOW COOL IS THAT???!
We ended our day in the almighty Trafalgar Square; it was an untentional stopping point, wondering around endlessly then I recognised the famous landmark with the big tin lions and the gourgeous fountains. Overall a fantastic day in London; definately going back. Well I will be back for Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry in November but I shall definately be in London before then; Becca and I are going to try and visit all the tourist spots.

My new boyfriend....hahaha joking

Me and Becca in Trafalgar Square
Me on top of a lion

Russ Diapper - No Cure For Curiousity

Hey guys; a friend of mine has a brand new solo out now, he is from local blues rock band Gecko so it would be interesting to listen to his solo stuff. I was listening to it on my way to town the other day; I could gather some influences from Black Sabbath and a hint of ZZ Top. Definately heard a glimpse of the old school bluesy rock via the song Cluckin Mad which has to be a favourite of mine on the album. This album I think is the ideal thing to listen to in a open roof car on the open road to a place to get away from it all, I love the laid back, feel good vibe you get from the album; the songs just make me smile. I hear Gecko are sceduled to come to Southampton next week I think, will be sure to pop by to see them.

Stand Out Tracks:  Cluckin Mad, Ain't No Rich Man and Need My Lady

Click here to purchase the album

Since this post is about Russ just thought I'd let you guys know he has a mobile studio located in Southampton; if you are in a band or know someone who is click here for more info.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Where are they now? - Issue 2

Well guys it's issue 2 of Where Are They Now?; my three bands for this week are Toploader, The Kooks and The Darkness.

Toploader where well known for their one hit wonder Dancing In The Moonlight; I hadn't thought of them for a while until I saw a TV advert for their brand new album. I was suprised to see that since I hadn't heard from them for about nine or ten years so it will be interesting to see what they have produced after all these years. Will listen to this album I think and let you know what I think; for now though I leave you with their feel good song that made them famous.

The Kooks were one of my favourite bands when I was at secondary school; I loved their catchy songs and their authentic accents as they sang. Looking at their official website I see they have a new album on the way that is due for a release in September followed by a tour of Europe and the UK; they are currently touring the US. I adore their album Inside In/Inside Out; it'll be interesting to hear their new album when it comes out. Here is my favourite song by them.

Last but not least modern hair rockers The Darkness; I Believe In A Thing Called Love was such a success when it came out, after One Way Ticket To Hell I thought they were long gone. However I was proved wrong by the band's announcement of a reunion and a UK tour. I wonder if there will be a new album; anyways shall look forward to their show in November.

Like I said last week; if there are any bands you think have disappeared. Let me know either on here or Facebook.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Get Well Soon Andy

As many Black Veil Brides fans would have heard; frontman Andy Biersack has broken his ribs from jumping from a balcony whilst performing to fans at a Hollywood show. It's wonderful that the fans are coming together to make a Get Well Video. Click the link below for more info on how you can get involved.

Here is my favourite song by them from their brand new album Set The World On Fire, which is avaliable to purchase.

Get well soon Andy; you are possibly one of the best musicians I have come across this year. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can rock out again and look forward to see you in October.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Hello everybody; here in the UK it's Fathers Day, a day to dedicate to a person who has been there for you his whole life and helps you with the iddy biddy things. For instance helping me with my maths homework when I was young, making me smile/laugh and to cheer you up when things don't quite go your way. My Dad is walking in Wales this weekend with Mum so me and my sister will be cooking up a meal that I hope he'll like for when he gets back later on today. We are also going to give him some beer glasses and a shirt as well; the card from me has a cartoon version of The Villiage People, it's from when he with my four uncles and my cousin dressed up as The Villiage People for my music themed 18th and danced the YMCA.......sober.

Dad (Front) with my uncles and cousin as The Villiage People

That's how great he is; here is a song for all you Dads out there, I'm sure you'll like it. The lyrics don't have anything to do with being a father but I'm sure you remember rocking out to Zepplin :D



Thursday, 16 June 2011

Where are they now? - Issue 1

Today whilst me and a friend sat in McDonalds eating we started to talk about music and one thing that came up was different bands that had flown off the musical radar. It got us thinking about what are they doing now and if they will ever make an appearance in the public eye again.

The first band that entered our minds were Liverpudlian alternative rock/soul quintet The Zutons; I remember each of their albums being particularly great and I have watched them perform a fantastic live show a few years ago. Their last album You Can Do Anything was released back in 2008; I think their best album for me was Tired Of Hanging Around. I do know that they have a new gutarist after Boyan Chowdhury left in 2007 due to musical differences and of course Amy Winehouse covered The Zutons hit song Valerie. I'm personally hoping they do make the make their way into the public eye again; they are truly a fantastic band. Here's my favourite song by them.

We also talked about the alternative rockers Rooster; I remember them very briefly and being particularly mad about their debut self titled album where the songs were very catchy. They also released Circles and Satellites; the album single Home I wasn't overly keen on to be honest but they have now split up due to difficulties with the record label and musical differences. However each band member are doing their own thing now such as being in the touring band with either Diana Vickers and Leona Lewis or part of bands.

I started to think about Evanescence too; they've been off the radar ever since Ben Moody left the band. Their album The Open Door wasn't great for me but Fallen was amazing; whether you like or hate Evanescence both of those albums earnt worldwide. From what I hear they are working on a new album that will be released this autumn; so they will definately making their mark in the limelight again.

I think I'll do this feature weekly; if you can think of any bands you love or would love to hear again that have gone of the music radar then please place a comment.

Take care Tuomaslotte

til Dusk - Cold Lust

Hey guys; today I thought I'd write about about a local act who released their debut album this week. They are Southampton indie rockers til' Dusk with the album Cold Lust; listening to the sound it reminds of The Kooks jamming with The Stranglers. I really liked the sick guitar solo in Take A Shot; definately a hint of The Stranglers there. My personal favourite on the album would definately have to be Honey Just Walk It; the upbeat, feel good vibe that put the biggest grin on my face. I also have to say the title track Cold Lust has an impressive bluesy vibe, like the tune being played on the organ very muchly.

Overall a great debut album; with a fantastic variety of songs and hope to hear/see more from them soon.

Stand Out Tracks:  Honey Just Walk It, Cold Lust and Round and Round

Note:  The song in the video above is actually called Take A Shot not There Goes My

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Black Veil Brides - Set The World On Fire

Ever since hearing about them I have been loving what Kerrang readers have voted 'best international newcomer' and after listening to this album I can definately see why they acheived this status. A variety of catchy but rather strong melodies are one of the elements that make this album special. Andy Biersack's voice is incredible, possibly one of my new favourite singers after listening to this album. I think this album is definately an escapist album which is brilliant; helping you forget any kind of stress and one of the things I love to do is to find anyway to escape the pressure reality seems to put on us today. My favourite tracks on the album are Fallen Angels and the heartfelt Saviour; I can imagine the song Fallen Angels being performed to a huge arena such as Wembley and getting the positive reception, a whole crowd shouting back WE SCREAM as a call and response effect. Saviour almost had me in tears; it's such a touching song, I also like the fact Andy uses screamo vocals near the end of the song. Caught me off guard I must say.

Overall a fantastic new album from 'best international newcomer' Black Veil Brides; unfortunately having missed them at Download this year I am happy to say I'll be seeing them in Southampton in October. Cannot wait for that.

Stand Out Tracks:  Set The World On Fire, Fallen Angels and God Bless You

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Chasing Skylines - When Love and Hate Collide music video

This music video is pretty much too brilliant to go unnoticed; it's from four piece alternative rock group Chasing Skylines who hail from Birmingham, England. I love how the video linked with the theme of the song i.e. two guys after the same girl, I must admit I get excited very easily so I did jump a bit when I saw all the pretty fairy lights in one place. The song was pretty awesome too; really upbeat and the melody was amazing. 

Definately hope to see them do a show or hear more material from them soon.

For fans of Lostprophets and You Me At Six

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Humla are a folk band I went to see recently at The Talking Heads in Southampton; I found out about this band via my friend Nora who is the lead singer and was intrigued. I'm glad I did go and see them, I love how Nora sang some of the songs in different languages such as Spanish and her native language Norwegian. I haven't always been that big on folk music in the past but I love songs that tell stories and that's what some of Humla's songs seem to do. I also love some of the melodies on the violin, I would definately pay to see them do a gig again.

Hope to hear more from them in the future.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Alestorm - Back Through Time

I had been looking forward the release of this album from Scottish pirate rockers Alestorm since I heard the catchy song Shipwrecked; the song is very catchy and I love the piratey vibe, songs about rum and being trapped on a island lost at sea. I love how the opening track Back Through Time has the rough choppy sea effects followed by a pirate shouting to the captain about vikings invading; it then leads into a song about vikings stealing pirates treasure. After that opening track the album just kept getter better; I really love the song Scraping The Barrell, it sounds very much like a traditional sea shanty with a hint of rock. There is a song about Captain Jack Sparrow's favourite drink......actually a drink that all pirates adore, Rum; this song is indeed incredibly catchy and it explains how amazing rum is.

What's brilliant about this album is how the songs sound like the kind of tales you'd hear pirates sing yet they have the modern twist. It's also great to know there is a pirate rock genre out there and if you want a taste pirate rock then this is definately the album for you.

Stand Out Tracks:  The Sunk'n Norwegian, Rum and Swashbuckled

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Amorphis -The Beginning Of Times

This bands music I have always been very inspired by; I love the sound of Tomi Jousten's deep voice that also has a growl and the haunting, dark rock. Like a musical beast from the land of metal music (a.k.a Finland). After watching their amazing new video I had to listen to their brand new album. The opening song Battle For Light definately was a great choice to open the album; the enchanting piano entices you that then leads to the very heavy growls from Mr Jousten. The song You I Need I recognised immediately; that was the song they now have the video for so I was glad that was on the album. One of my personal favourites on the album is the song Escape; the intro definately gives a heroic sense to the song and I love the piano tune/riff whatever you'd like to call it.. I also liked the song On a Stranded Shore, it reminded me of a softer version of their previous Silent Waters

Overall a great album from the Finnish dark metallers; I also like the concept of this album too. It has also been announced Amorphis are to support Nightwish at their one off LA concert.

Stand out tracks:  Battle For Light, Escape and Beginning Of Time

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