Monday, 31 October 2011

Open Mic night @ The Royal Oak; Southampton 30/10/2011

Last night I entered The Royal Oak in Southampton for the first time; I always pass this pub but had never been in it. I really liked the warm homely atmosphere it gave and the moment you stepped in you felt welcome immediately as everyone shows such kindness. I was ready to enjoy some local music for an open mic night that some friends of mine were to take part in that night.

The first lot of musicians to play were the two hosts and their friends; being since it was Halloween hosts Neil and Mario took another identity in the form of Paris and Kim; they did look great dressed up as ladies. I loved how they made everybody feel at home and comfortable; Neil sang Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffanys and Titanic love theme My Heart Will Go On incredibly well. It gave off this loving vibe to me and my friends; we swayed and sang our hearts out along to a fantastic opening band last night. This gave me some indication that it was going to be a fantastic night.

Next up were a band called Simon Says; I know bass guitarist Rory Heap in the band so it was great to see his band in action. I really loved the happy sunshine sound these guys produced and a song about Peanut Butter Jelly just made me smile. Frontman Simon Tinmouth's unique, energetic stage presence intrigued me very much since I haven't seen stage techniques like it before and it really worked. I also loved their unique cover of Keisha's Tik Tok, would definitely like to watch them again very soon.

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An evening full of talented musicians and acts last night indeed; definitely increased my love for open mic nights. Also would like to mention Jamie Russell gave an excellent performance on his guitar and I've also got a CD from his band so expect to see a post about that very soon.

If you happen to be in the Southampton area on a Sunday please come to their open mic nights; you will not regret it at all, it's the place to be when you want to leave your troubles behind for the night.

Tuomaslotte rates it:  TTTTT

Happy Halloween

Well guys it's that time of year where you can become creatures of the night, come together and celebrate;  I'm very glad I got to celebrate Halloween uni style this year where I dressed as a corpse bride in black lace and a giant feather boa. I had these celebrations at my favourite rock and metal club this year called Dungeon. A lot of other costumes amongst my friends included Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Emperor and my favourite being Dr Franken Furter from The Rocky Horror Show. Was a fantastic night and I may endure more spooks tonight when trick or treaters come knocking at my door. Here's some pictures from Friday night and a song that I think reminds anyone of Halloween.

My friend Siri as Ramona Flowers

Me with my friend Chris as Franken Furter

Today I'll be writing a review about an open mic night I went to last night; so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Happy Halloween everyone!! 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Top 10 Albums of 2011 - Part 1

Well guys another year gone; it is now time to tell about my ten top albums that have really highlighted my year.

10. Black Veil Brides - Set The World On Fire

Despite their dissapointing live show in October I am going to give Hollywood rockers Black Veil Brides some credit for producing a fantastic album and starting a new revolution to music fans everywhere. I do love how the speak for outsiders in society and a lot of their music does very much speak to outsiders; it has a great mixture of songs such as the anthemic Fallen Angels and the heartfelt Saviour. Andy Biersack enticing vocals draws you in like a moth to the flame. You either love them or you hate them; either way their iconic Set The World On Fire has made it to number 10 of my albums of 2011.

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9. Reckless Love - Animal Attraction

Finnish glam rockers Reckless Love's second album has really worked wonders in my music findings this year; very much liking the fact they remind me of a modern day version Poison. Catchy songs and old school guitar riffs are what really pushed my buttons; following a successful debut I think Reckless Love really deliver here.

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8. Alestorm - Back Through Time

I love the whole concept of this album produced by Scottish pirate rockers Alestorm; they write and perform songs that are related to pirate related matters and that is what I love. Most of the songs have a special place in my heart such as Scrapin the Barrell and The Sunk'n Norwegian. I definitely hope to see and hear more from them when I see them live in the new year.

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7. Turisas - Stand Up and Fight

Eccentric Finnish metal heads Turisas have been a huge highlight of 2011 and this album is one of the reasons; I love their folk approach to metal and add an accordian and violin into the mix. My personal favourites on this album being The March of the Varangian Guard and Hunting Pirates this album really stood out for me this year. The key album that converted me to a Turisas fan for good.

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6. Black Stone Cherry - Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

To be honest; after hearing Blame It On The Boom Boom I was doubting what Black Stone Cherry's new album would sound like since I wasn't too keen on the song. However my hopes were lifted again after hearing the song White Trash Millionaire; the hopes were also confirmed. They still had their usual kick ass sound with catchy riffs and excellent vocal skills from Chris Robertson; a friend of mine mentioned the number of ballads on the album and I found he is right. Black Stone Cherry can produce a wide range of tunes and this album is proof.

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That was part one for the top ten; look out for my top 5 post.

My Darkest Days - My Darkest Days

I am wondering why I haven't heard this album before; it's original release date was over a year ago but after recently listening to two of their songs I realised I abosoulutely had to listen to this album. Starting off with the very two songs that got me loving Canadian rockers My Darkest Days, Move Your Body and Porn Star Dancing, I knew this album was definitely going to be brilliant. Particularly when Porn Star Dancing features Nickelback's frontman Chad Kroeger lending his powerfully unique voice and Black Label Society legend Zakk Wylde offering killer guitar riffs and solos throughout the song. After that the album gets better and better giving us a selection of songs that sound very differently to one another; my particular favourite on there is the song Like Nobody Else, it's very heartfelt and it's what we can all relate to in the world of love.

Overall a fantastic debut album; I think this band could go on up the musical ladder. Hope a new album is not far off and a visit to the UK will be nice too! If you love a bit feel good rock then buy this album

Stand Out Tracks:  Porn Star Dancing, Like Nobody Else and Set It On Fire

Tuomaslotte rates it:  TTTTT

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Hello everyone

How are you keeping? It has been a while since I've posted; caught a flu bug from my housematem meaning I have been feeling very poorly for the past week. Not to worry I am on the road to recovery. Anyways I would like to tell you all about a new social networking website for those who are alternative human beings like myself. It's a great idea as people can meet others with similar interest; they have a music section too, all the new upcoming bands with MP3 downloads. I shall have a proper look at the music section when I have a bit more time.

Click here to sign up for free on Gothise now

Have a good day

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

No Closure

Well hearing about these guys from a social networking site a lot of people called Facebook I decided to download the debut album No Hero In This Hell from No Closure; who hail from Yeovil, UK. Anyways listening to the album on my iPod on a cold morning on the way to university this morning I really like the opening track right before all the songs begin to kick into action; a lot of the songs remind me of Alter Bridge as lead vocalist Dan Battye sounds like the almighty Myles Kennedy. I really like their grungy melodies that sort of give off a don't mess with us vibe. It will be great to see this band in action; hope to see them in Southampton sometime.

For fans of Alter Bridge and Creed

Tuomaslotte Rating:  TTTT

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Release The Bats - Nighty Night EP

This band were recommended by drummer Matt Oliver from Jettblack and had been meaning to listen to their EP for a while. Finding some time in my busy uni life I bought it today; first off I have to say the name of the EP is brilliant, original and no other band has used it before. They give off a very dark vibe through their music and with it getting closer to Halloween I believe this music will fit in perfectly. I personally think these guys did a fantastic job with their debut EP, definitely gives us the jist of what this band are all about.

For fans of The 69 Eyes and Dommin

Tuomaslotte Rates:  TTTT

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Reckless Love - Animal Attraction

I had only heard about these glam metallers from Finland, also known as Reckless Love, just this year but I have really grown to love their catchy, upbeat feel good rock. Looking at their feathery hair, leather outfits and bandanas I can immediately see a modern day version of Poison. To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect on this album after the single Hot was released; I thought the whole album was going to sound a bit like that song. Opening with the song Animal Attraction was definitely a well thought out move on the bands part as it introduces the album perfectly and it gives you the jist of what the album is all about; this song is a personal favourite of mine on this album and I think I've played it for the fourth time today. I also like how the album doesn't sound too much like their first self titled album; not that I didn't like their first album it's great seeing a band experiment with different song layouts and structures. A fantastic example of this is the song Coconuts; such an original concept and the jungle like drums make me smile. I did not expect the sounds from elephants and monkeys on the song either; only Reckless Love. I also notice vocalist Olli Herman sounds very much like Jon Bon Jovi on this album, it makes me wonder how I missed that on their first album.

Overall a fantastic second album from the Finnish glam metallers; a feel good happy go lucky achievement and I think I could listen to this album over and over again!

Stand Out Tracks:  Animal Attraction, Fantasy and Coconuts

Tuomaslotte Rating:  TTTTT

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Evanescence - Evanescence

It has been a long time since American goth rockers Evanescence had made an appearance since The Open Door that was released back in 2006 I believe; when I heard the band were making a comeback this year I was astonished. I really love Amy Lee's beautifully haunting voice and the dark vibe Evanescence give off in their music. I wasn't sure what their new album was going to bring; having had some changes in the band line up over the past few years and not being particularly too fond of The Open Door. This album shows the growth of Evanescence; I really think this album may be one of their best so far along side Fallen that sold worldwide. The songs are magic to the ears; their single release What You Want is a fantastic opener, a bit different to what they have released in the past but I like it a lot. Evanescence are very well know for producing a versatile sound and that shines through on this album.

Overall a great comeback from Evanescence, possibly their best album to date; be sure to catch them on tour next month.

Stand out tracks:  What You Want ,The Change and Lost In Paradise

Tuomaslotte rate: TTTT

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I also thought I would introduce a new Tuomaslotte rating system on the reviews; so here it is.

TTTTT = A masterpiece
TTTT   = Pretty amazing
TTT    = Average
TT    = Could be better
T   = Appalling

Friday, 7 October 2011

Black Veil Brides @ Southampton University 6/10/2011

Well after a long long summer my uni gig action began last night in the form of one of the most successful new rock bands today; they are all over Kerrang!, appeared on TV and Radio. I went to see in fact Black Veil Brides.

Getting there at around 8 with a friend we both people were still waiting to get in; hearing about others who had been waiting there since 4pm that afternoon goes to show how many hearts this band touches and it is lovely to see. So after waiting for ages unintentionally in the under 18s queue we got in and managed to catch the last two songs from My Passion's set. I had only caught the last few songs but I really liked how they engaged the crowd by their energetic stage presence and melodic music. I was surprised since I wasn't too fond of their new album but I may have to listen to them again. 

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Yashin were up next to play; had only heard their stuff briefly before but I was intrigued by what they had to offer. After watching their set I now have a new favourite band; I just loved how they interacted with the fans and their energy was incredible. Their cover of the Britney Spears song Everytime I was not expecting; I recognised the opening immediately and thought it sounded a bit better than the original. I met the guys afterwards and bought an album which you may see a review about on here soon.

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Headliners Black Veil Brides had only come into my life a few months ago; I loved their album Set The World On Fire and I think a few of their songs would definitely become stadium anthems one day. 'BLACK VEIL BRIDES! BLACK VEIL BRIDES!' were the chants you could hear all over the venue and they made a mysterious stage presence with lots of smoke. Opening with the song Love Isn't Always Fair got the crowd pumping and singing, from that I could tell Black Veil Brides were well under way. However after their song Set The World On Fire I felt quite uncomfortable; like I didn't belong where I was. The band were very energetic and showed a lot of passion in their performance but I couldn't really hear Andy's vocals a lot of the time, might have been the microphone I don't know and the atmosphere made me feel a bit out of place. So out of place I left early and that's a first for me. Very disappointed that happened but these things do, the show wasn't what I expecting. Although I did find their cover of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell rather good.

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