Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You

Well it has been a very long time since one of the most iconic rock bands from Los Angeles had released anything; producing masterpieces from Blood Sugar Sex Magik to Stadium Arcadium Red Hot Chili Peppers have wowed so many hearts for a fantastic 25 years. This is the first album with new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer; long time guitarist John Frusciante left the band for a second time to persue a solo career. It's fantastic that the Chilis have not lost their musical touch and this album is clear proof of this. To be quite honest I had my doubts at first; not being overly keen on the single The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie but the other songs on this album have convinced me otherwise. I also love how the album highlights the skills from each member of the band; particularly in the cases of Flea the bassist and new guitarist Josh, keeping to the funk rock sound the Chilis are well known for. What stands out on any Chilis album are the melodies of the music; a lot of those you can hum all day long and this album keeps it up.

Overall a fantastic comeback from a rock band that have secured a place in most of our hearts; they are still going strong after 25 years.

Stand out tracks:  Factory Of Faith, Happiness Loves Company and Even You Brutus

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Monday, 29 August 2011

Graces Collide - Make Your Move EP

Hello everyone; here in the UK it's bank holiday where most of us are inclined to kick back and relax, so for a bank holiday treat I am writing about an EP called Make Your Move. It's by a Brighton based hard rock four piece known as Graces Collide; sounding like a mixture between Alter Bridge and Stone Sour these guys keep the high reputation the south coast of England has for fantastic upcoming rock bands. This EP is fanatastic and hope these guys keep up the great work; maybe a gig in Southampton sometime.

For fans of Alter Bridge and Stone Sour

Also should let you know I'm moving to a new place on Thursday and won't have internet for a month at the most (or until we get broadband for the place). So you may see very little or no posts in September; makes me sad, love keeping you guys up to date with the music stuff I come across.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

OK Go and The Muppets

Just watched the new music video from Chicago rockers OK Go who are very well known for their quirky music videos; like this one for instance.

It was interesting to see a notable band in my books collaborate with everyone's favourite characters from The Muppet Show that has been a part of most our lives for a long long time. This new video is very well done and a bit different to what OK Go have made in the past; music video wise. Most of their videos up to know have included one camera angle and several actions; simple but very effective. I also found this video amusing to watch as The Muppets add the comic relief to the video; the one thing that didn't work for me in this video was the end where there was a lot of screaming that got a bit repetitive. 

Overall an amazing, comical video; the band's version of The Muppet Show theme was incredible, I liked how they covered the song in their own style of music and not too much like the original. Great work boys.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Seether - Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray

Seether are one of my favourite grunge rock bands to date; their album Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces is one of my favourites. I had noticed they had disappeared from the world of rock for a bit and realised they have released a brand new album. I had heard the first single Country Song on YouTube recently and I really liked how they took a completely different approach to their music via that song.  From beginning to the end of the album I found that these South African grunge rockers had not lost their touch; I think it's the fourth time I have listened to this album in the past couple of days and it gets better every time I hear it. For me one of Seether's highlights is how on their albums they can express both sides of their personality in through their music and songwriting skills. Same goes for this album; there's the really upbeat feel good songs such as Tonight and then you have the very dark material on there such as Pass Slowly. 

This is a brilliant album; fantastic comeback from the band and possibly their best album so far. Keep it up boys; their new album is now available to purchase.

Stand out tracks:  Country Song, Down and Roses

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

In Darklight EP Launch @ The Clapham Grand; London 19/8/2011

I mentioned in a post Thursday that I was seeing In Darklight at the biggest venue they have played at so far; I was very happy to be part of something special. They helped me a lot getting my blog know to the vast public and I was really happy to be at The Clapham Grand in London. I had never set foot in Clapham before; due to recent riots happening there I was a bit nervous entering Clapham, but realising the venue was opposite the train station I calmed down. 

The venue itself was spectacular; it looked very much like a Victorian Theatre with, what I call, Beauty and the Beast chandeliers, wonderfully vintage furniture and a grand stage for the bands to play. A classic vintage venue that contains the odd modern features such as the bar. Reminded me of the 02 academy in Bournemouth only a bit bigger, would definitely coming back to this venue again. As well as In Darklight's EP launch; there was some more bands in the line up with them. Shoot The Dead, Luke Girvan and headlining band Melic.

Shoot The Dead were a great opening act to introduce the night of rock and roll; I really liked their melodies and music. Lead vocalist Andi Berthiaume had amazing vocal pipes; it's fantastic to hear a powerful voice accompanied by some awesome tunes played by some extremely talented musicians. There were some particular parts of their songs that did remind me of Pendulum and that was a great highligt. They played a fantastic set and I do hope to see/hear more from them.

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Singer/songwriter Luke Girvan kept up the fantastic reputation the southern coast of England has for upcoming talent via his mind blowing performance last night. His catchy, upbeat melodies were just enough to get a few of us dancing on the huge dance floor right near the stage; that means he is in my good books already. All I can say to this talented musician is keep up the good work; hope he visits Southampton sometime.

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Ever since seeing In Darklight a year ago support London hard rockers New Device I had been watching as many shows from them in the past year and their debut album Dying To Confess was one of my albums of 2010. Last night was the launch for their brand new self titled EP; they could not have picked a better venue to do it at. Talking to the guys it's their biggest venue they have played at and they did a superb job. A lot of the songs they performed I recognised from their new EP, including my favourite Break and ending it on The Police classic Message In A Bottle. I will also add it was their friend's birthday celebration where the theme was English gentlemen; they made their contribution to the theme on stage that I can say top notch to. I am sure that last night's show will mark a huge stepping stone for their music career.

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I very much liked Melic's laid back approach to music; sort of a happy go lucky vibe that I think may have been endorsed by the upbeat, feel good songs these guys produced. A lot of the songs they performed last night could easily be seen on early morning music programme Freshly Squeezed where their song would be their Tune Of The Day. Melic show that funk, rock and acoustic can be blended together to create a unique sound that is sure to turn heads in the music industry.

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Overall a fantastic night out; I am very glad I travelled to London to hear these new and original sounding bands that will, I hope, make it big in the music business one day. Also wish In Darklight the best of luck with their brand new EP that is now available to purchase.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's been a while

Hello everyone

How are you all? Got to say I am not enjoying the very heavy rain we have had in England today. Floods every and traffic blocking the roads, anyways I thought I'd let you all know that I have passed my driving theory test today (this was my second attempt) so I am one step closer to be driving on the roads. I would also like to congratulate those who recieved their A level results and got to whatever they wanted to do. Anyways; I hope to post more reviews soon now I'm not occupied with house finances and theory test revision. Starting with a gig from one of this blog's favourite bands; Andover Alternative rockers In Darklight, it'll be the biggest venue they've played at so far, Clapham Grand in.....well Clapham that's just outside London. They have a sucessful album and a brand new EP that is just as brilliant, be sure to purchase your copy and buy your ticket for tomorrow night's gig.

Take care for now

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Paramore - Monster

The Tennessee rockers are back with a bigger single then ever before; very well know for fantastically written songs such as Misery Business, Decode and That's What You Get Paramore have grown stronger as a band, in the form of their brand new single Monster. Watching the video on morning music show Freshly Squeezed where it was their tune of the day I was highly impressed with the song. Josh and Zac Farro left the band last year and this is the first single released without them. Not that it has any effect on my love for the song at all; one of the aspects of Paramore I do love is the lyrics, Hayley Williams is a fantastic lyricist and that shows strongly through this song.

Overall a strong, fantastic and powerful new song from Paramore; I think it really does show how far they have come along as a band.

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Western Sand @ The Firehouse; Southampton 12/8/2011

Heading to one of my favourite places for the first time in a while was rather fulfilling and pleasant; I went to see Western Sand who have become a favourite band of mine this year with their catchy bluesy ballsy rock sound. Performing songs from their debut album that I still need to get and some covers; they pulled Missippi Queen to perfection and it was great gettting everyone on their feet to a great cover of Long Live Rock and Roll by Rainbow. It's actually thanks to Western Sand I now know the song. Anyways; fantastic night out, with amazing company. I also managed to get some smashing photos of Western Sand and what they love to do best.....playing great music that sets you free.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Blondie is back

Looking through the what's new section of Spotify I noticed 70s legend Blondie has had a recent song out; I love Debbie Harry's charismatic personality. Along with The Runaways and The Bangles; Blondie was part of the girl power generation where the ladies started to get into the music industry. She's had many hits from The Tide Is High to Maria; wowing the nation with her distinct voice and laid back approach to music. I love how now she has experimented with a new sound; more dancy type music that contrasts with her laid back rock sound she had in the 70s/80s/90s. However she keeps the rock vibe in the song and still has her amazing voice.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where are they now? - Issue 8 (Girl Power edition)

Hello hello; welcome to a girl power edition of Where are they now? This week features P!nk, Kelly Clarkson and Anastacia.

P!nk is one of my favourite rock chicks of all time; I love her kick ass attitude and punkish look that says 'Here I am; deal with it'. She also has a bucketload of talent; with a lot of hit singles from Get This Party Started to Funhouse, a lot of successful albums and sold out tours worldwide it's no wonder she could easily have an early retirement at 31. Rumour has it that she might write another album in 2012; only time will tell.

Kelly Clarkson is one talented chick; she shot to fame when she won American Idol and has since then been going strong in the music industry. I first heard her amazing talent via the album Breakaway that was a personal favourite of mine. Her powerful voice and incredible songwriting skills make her one of my favourite singers; four sucessful albums and a lot of hit songs, there is rumours of a fifth album in the making process.

Anastacia is one female singer who really can kick ass; her incredibly beautifully unique voice and fusing different music genres together has made her stand out. It seemed like yesterday when I first heard this talented singer via the song Left Outside Alone and I haven't looked back since. She kept a positive attitude when was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2005. She has confirmed that there will be single releases this year and a full album in 2012.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Requiem For The Dead - The Death Note of Shipwrecks music video

There was a very exciting build up to the premiere of Requiem For The Dead's debut music video; they have impressed me with their music so far, this video showed me a darker tone of music to the band. This song is more industrial then the other songs so far; but it's awesome they experiment with a different sound and being able to pull it off like these guys have done is a big utter bonus. The industrial sound matches the video perfectly; fast paced editing, the very high contrast of dim and bright lighting used here to highlight the different band members adding to the dark vibe the band give in this song. The video was a great sucess in my eyes; Requiem For The Dead have done it again, cannot wait for the album that I hope will be released soon. I now leave you with a music video that could be in Tuomaslotte's best music videos of 2011 somewhere.

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