Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lordi - Babez For Breakfast

I love Lordi so I was looking forward to listening to it but I was a little bit dissapointed this time. I thought most of the songs sounded the same with the same chord sequence and rhythm, this wasn't their best album for me. I still prefer Monster Show to this one, but there were some of the songs that made it not so bad. Rock Police was a very hard rock 80s sounding track with a keyboard solo rather than a guitar solo which I thought was awesome. Call Off The Wedding showed a side of Lordi I had never ever seen before so that was a great suprise for me too; they have never had any kind of ballad on their albums before. I like the anarchy behind Give Your Life for Rock and Roll, apparently Lordi are all Christian and them being in a rock band maybe considered a sin but they don't give a damn. I like that. Overall verdict, not their best album but then again not the worst album in the world.

Stand out tracks:  Call Off The Wedding, This Is Heavy Metal and Give Your Life for Rock and Roll

KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit

I had listened to Eye To The Telescope very breifly and quite liked it but this singer wouldn't have been my first choice. So far albums I have reviewed on here I have listened to in the morning have given me an energy boost but this album was different. I loved KT Tunstall's laid back approach to this album; it was very different to Eye To The Telescope. The tracks that stood out to me had an exotic tribe vibe behind them particularly personal favourites Come On Get It and Fade Like A Shadow that were very upbeat. The songs Lost and (Still A) Weirdo reminded me of something from The Lion King which I really really liked, it was just a tranquil relaxing easy listening album. I would definately listen to it again if I just need to chill out.

Stand Out Tracks:  Madame Trudeaux, Fade Like A Shadow and Come On, Get It

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Skunk Anansie - Wonderlustre

I listened to this album as I did my morning errands before heading off to univeristy today. The first thing that caught my attention was Skin's bluesy sounding vocal work; it was like nothing I had heard before and that was one of the main highlights of this album. Songs It Doesn't Matter and You're Too Expensive were very intriguing to me; the vocals sounded very much like Blondie whilst the riffs reminded me very much of Paramore, particularly You're Too Expensive which sound a bit like Misery Business. You Saved Me, the ballad of the album, was very beautifully written; it also had quite an impact on me too, it was quite sad sounding and I could empathise with what was being made me cry. There was also a few tracks that had an indie dance feel too, I found that with Feeling The Itch; I was dancing in my seat on the train to this :P

Apart from the odd track I may grow to like eventually, this was I thought a truly unique album. We had punk rock and a bit of indie dance, I have not heard a band that can experiment with two types of music in one album they earn my respect :D

I also want to say thanks to musician and good friend Lou for recommending this album :)

Stand out tracks:  You Saved Me, It Doesn't Matter and Would You?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Tygerrs Lair

Last night I had posted a message on the Biz Zar Radio Facebook page to say to bands if they want to be mentioned on this blog let me know. So I got a reply from Tygerr Recchia-Nash saying to listen her band Tygerrs Lair, which she provides the lead vocals for, from there I decided to download some sample songs from their Reverbnation page to listen to on the way to university. When I heard the first growl in the song Repent I was personally hoping it wasn't going to be like that for the whole song; I like a bit of growling in music but not when it's all they do throughout but when I heard Tygerr's vocals I breathed a little sigh of relief :P I love how female vocals compliment against the death growls and in this song it worked very well. My personal song out of the three I downloaded was I, Immortal; I loved the dark lyrics in the song and there was some very powerful vocal work.

I am looking forward to hearing more from these guys, it would be awesome :)

For fans of:  Bullet For My Valentine and Eyes Set To Kill

Black Label Society - Order Of The Black

I wanted to know what these guys sounded like since they'll be playing at Southampton Guildhall in February and they are from Roadrunner Records; there are some great rock bands under that label such as Black Stone Cherry, Slipknot!, Within Temptation and my personal favourites Nickelback.

The opening tracks Crazy Horse and Overlord were a great way to open this album with it's dirty grungy guitar riffs and Zakk Wylde's old school heavy metal vocal work, these songs had an Iron Madien/Rob Zombie vibe about them that I liked. The ballads of this album were very poweful too, particularly Shallow Grave where they used more piano and less guitar; sometimes it's nice to hear rock bands use acoustic instruments for their songs, it's a great thing when you want to just relax. Speaking of acoustic January and Chupacabra suprised me a great deal, particularly Chupacabra since the whole album up until then had been quite heavy with electric guitars and drums it then turns into Spanish Flamenco guitars playing. I love Spanish guitar music so this was a very nice suprise. January bought a tear to my eye with it's heartfelt lyrics and soft acoustic guitar, making it my personal favourite on the album.

After hearing this album I will be listening to their older songs to see if there is a difference in the sound.

Stand Out Tracks:  January, Overlord and God Speed Hellbound

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Angry Badger Records is Universally Challenged 20/11/10

I was very much looking forward to this event; my main intention was to see In Darklight, who I had seen before and have become really good friends with. Southampton based Indie Rock record company, Angry Badger Records, has bred some fresh up coming rock bands from the south such as Timshel and Kodiak Jack. This event took place at the student union bar at my university so it was in a familiar envrionment where I didn't feel claustrophobic and a generally intimate, friendly atomosphere made me feel at home.

First up were In Darklight, who never fail to impress me with kick ass riffs and indie boy vocals did me proud once again. Starting the set off with songs I assume may be on the new upcoming EP, I could wrong in that department, one of which I had in my head all week; it reminds me of one my favourite songs by punk rockers Cobra Starship. They also earn Brownie points for performing my personal favourite off their debut album What's Happening? Speaking of personal favourites, I found a new one last night in the form of the song Break. I just love how bouncy the melody is and the lyrics are cleverly written.

Lost Morals were next to play, I recognised lead vocalist Jono Powell from the New Device gig at The Soul Cellar. I remember it was just him on his own since his band were called in at the last minute but he mangaged to pull it off by himself. Anyways last night it was great seeing him with his band Lost Morals, some of the songs I could have sworn I have heard on the radio before. Songs Get Down and She's A Policeman may have been my favourites, I really loved the poetical metaphor of She's A Policeman; a clever way to write about nosy exes :D In Darklight brothers Ben and Lou Sellers mentioned that they sounded like The Jam and Jono had Paul Wellar look about him; I immediately agreed, I could hear Paul Wellar's voice. I bought their EP afterwards, expect to see a post about it soon.

Pompey rockers Moody Tuesday were the next of Angry Badgers finest to play, they very much reminded me of The Who. One of their opening songs made me think of Pinball Wizard, one of my personal favourite songs ever so I was feeling quite excited. I had recieved invites to see them play in local places, which I may attend after seeing an enjoyable set from them last night. There was also a hint of classic rock and roll with a hint of modern day indie, a bit like The Who mixing with Radiohead. There will be an album release as well which you will see me buy :)

The last to play were The Rising, unfortunately I could only catch one song by this band since I had to catch the last train home so I couldn't stay for the whole set. I saw on their page they have an Oasis like sound and I found that description to be accurate after hearing the song on Cloud Nine, but I'll have a better insight of their music once I hear their EP.

Despite a few techinal problems with the sounds, the bands all played very very well and showed Angry Badger records has great new talent to offer. I must confess I used my own noggin to write this today, without notes. Last night I made the vital mistake a journalist should never make; leaving my Blackberry which I use to take notes about gigs and albums....well it's better then carry a big chunky notebook and it's more convient. Luckily I have quite a good memory :) 


Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Hoosiers - The Illusions of Safety

I chose to review this album for our uni radio, for which I'm part of the music team. I decided to listen to it today and I was suprised; usually The Hoosiers wouldn't be my first choice of band to listen too but this album changed my mind. The opening track Choices I had heard before on the radio and it was the perfect choice (no pun intended), it was a great energy boost to keep me alert for a boring lecture at university. Through the song Who Said Anything About Falling In Love, I saw a more serious side to the band; I'm used to their happier side through songs such as Good Bye Mr A and Worried About Ray so this song suprised me the most and I loved that. Unlikely Hero reminded me of a night out in Reflex, which is an 80s themed nightclub in Southampton; it gave off a Duran Duran /A-ha vibe. Glorious reminded me of Queen's We Are The Champions, complete with the 80s synthesisers there was a hint of A-ha. Although songs Lover's In Head and Devil's In The Detail weren't as good as the rest of the songs on the album, even though I loved the Danny Elfman like intro for Devil's In The Details the main melody didn't flow for me.

Apart from those little things I loved the feel good 80s vibe behind the album, the songs were very catchy and that's always great too.

Stand Out Tracks:  Live By The Ocean, Giddy Up and Glorious

In Darklight - Dying To Confess

Here's another review I wrote on iTunes

The next big thing? 5 stars

I saw these guys support New Device at The Soul Cellar and thought they gave a great performance so I decided to buy their album. It was the perfect thing to listen to on the bus to Southampton one lovely sunny morning and I can personally say it was the highlight of my journey. What's Happening? was a perfect opener for the album and a personal favourite song of mine, I also loved the backing tracks introducing the songs too. In The Red had a big impact on me, bought a tear to my eye in fact....for some reason I could relate to the lyrics. I love the fresh new sound, not like any band I have heard so far.

Stand out tracks:  What's Happening?, In Control (Of Not Being In Control), The Human Race and In The Red

This album is availiable to buy or download now :)

Dommin - Love Is Gone

I wrote a couple of reviews on albums I had bought and this one I felt was one of my better ones.

A masterpiece 5 Stars

I saw these guys support HIM a few months ago and was blown away by their magical performance so I decided to buy their CD. I had listened to My Heart, Your Hands and Dark Holiday (my two personal favourites) so I was looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. I was not dissapointed at all, each song was haunting and beautiful. Kris Dommin has such a unique, powerful voice that matches the dark theme behind this whole album. I also loved how some of the tracks in between some of the songs i.e. Evenfall Hallow were used to introduce the next song in a wonderfully magical way that kept me listening at all times. Those who love dark, gothic rock you are in for a treat.

Stand out tracks:  Dark Holiday, My Heart Your Hands and Tonight

Sunday, 14 November 2010

We Are The Fallen - Tear The World Down

I found this band on Last.FM when listening to Dommin radio, so I thought I'd give their album a listen and I'm glad I did. I was enticed by Carly Smithson's beautifully haunting vocals; sounding very much like Amy Lee from Evanescence, I also got a hint of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil in her vocal style that I liked very much. I also love it when bands, particularly when rock and metal is concerned, use orchestral music in their songs as well as the rock guitar, drums etc. because it adds a fantasy emblem to it, more dramatic. You can imagine all kinds of things going on to the music and it is just wonderful. The opening song Bury Me Alive reminded me very much of Evanescence song Going Under; maybe the fact three former Evanescence members Ben Moody, Rocky Gray and John LeCrompt being part of this band could be the reason. Not a bad thing of course, in a way it's like passing the torch to this singer. Ballad Sleep Well My Angel showed a softer side to the band, I thought it was so beautifully written and it my have become a personal favourite on the album. Overall a truly wonderful album with cleverly written songs and powerful melodies, I hope these guys are considering visiting the UK some time.

Stand out tracks:   Bury Me Alive, Sleep Well My Angel and St John

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Last FM

In the past Last FM has always done me proud when finding new bands to listen to is my main priority of the day, today has reminded why I love Last.FM so so much. There's very good thing you can do; type in the name of your favourite band in the search bar, click on the link to your favourite band and on their page you should find something saying 'Listen to [band's name] radio', the most amazing thing happens. As well as songs by your favourite band playing, songs by artists similar to them also plays. It is thanks to Last FM I have found some rather epic bands such as Kamelot, Like A Storm, Something To Burn, Cinder Road, Voodoo Johnson and right now Hell City Glamours. Seriously this is every music lovers treasure chest which I highly recommend you should use :D

Click the link below you will not regret it :P

Biz Zar Radio

This post is dedicated to a group I recently joined on Facebook call Biz Zar Radio and they specialize with rock and metal bands so this group is like a gold mine to me.

A group I had found on there were Washington rockers Zeroking, I loved their rough 'n' ready guitar riffs that reminded me very much of Deep Purple guitar duelling with Metallica....I frickin loved it. I also loved Andy Hought's husky vocals, you probably gathered by now I love husky vocals on guys I just think it's sexy :P 

I also loved OnOffOn's jazz/rock sounds in tunes Mardi Gras and Weekend In Montreal, the tune Weekend In Montreal did remind of my trip to Montreal last year in August and it gave off the same latino, exotic vibes. I helps me relax when I'm stressed :) 

Oh and of course if you want your band to get discovered then send either a video or an MP3 sample on to this group's page :D

Some seriously awesome stuff here, check this group out:

Click here to join this group

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Requiem For The Dead

Californian rockers Steven Juliano and Justin Mcarthey, originally from I Am Ghost have started a new band called Requiem For The Dead. Fans had been waiting for a song from them for a while and I can say as a fan the wait was worth it as they released a song for a free download. When I clicked the play button on the media player on my laptop I thought it was to sound similar to their previous I Am Ghost material, but I was wrong. It had a different sound, which I liked very much, hearing Steven's vocals had me reassured...he is one of my personal favourite vocalists and have huge respect for him. His clear vocals harmonized well with Kim Moreau's and Klaryssa Korolenkov's vocals, all of them very talented singers. What I also liked about this particular song is that it sounded like a very happy, energetic song but it also had very dark lyrics; that is very unique approach I think, it works :D This is possibly the third time I have listened to this song today and I am still buzzing, looking forward to the album you guys.

To download this song click the link below

The Longest Day - Album Sampler

These guys were one of the bands supporting Fight The Wire when I saw them last week, in their own unique way all the bands that performed that evening stood out in my eyes. They were the opening act, I was a little bit late as I heard them play from outside so I quickly went inside to escape the cold and to watch this band. Their performance was energetic and outstanding that I got their EP. Their EP was another good thing to wake me up on a freezing cold November morning at a carboot sale; along with Fighting With Wire and More Than Conquerors the genre carboot rock was born (courteousy of Fighting With Wire :P). I loved their clear vocals and catchy melodies, I hope to see another EP from them soon and to see them again.

For fans of Fighting With Wire, Bullet For My Valentine and Pearl Jam

Monday, 8 November 2010

Something Left Unsaid

This post is dedicated to a thrash metal band that hailed from the land of California, I found this band's page mentioned on a friend's Facebook so I thought I'd check them out and I'm glad I did. Their guitar riffs sound very much like Bullet For My Valentine, that with growly vocals is a great mix in this thrash metal potion. When I listen to this music, I am reminded of a gig with brutal mosh pit and a lots of sweaty rockers going absoulutely bonkers; not your average girl's idea of heaven but for me that is.

For fans of Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage and Avenged Sevenfold

Hover around for the link below:

What a great idea

One of my favourite bands, Dommin, has launched such a great idea for their next video for the song Closure; they want to get the fans involved by uploading videos or photos of themselves saying a hard goodbye to something they have given up or someone they have lost along with other ideas on their message board. I think many many people can relate to the pain in this song and this could possibly be the greatest emotional release.

I first came across Dommin when they were to support HIM on their Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practise Tour earlier this year and I was blown away by the song My Heart, Your Hands. I found a few more along with Love Is Gone, Dark Holiday, Tonight and of course Closure, so I was very much looking forward to their performance. They have a musical gift, they put on such a magical performance at Bournemouth 02 Academy and every time I listen to their album Love Is Gone I am somehow under a spell that helps me escape the horrors of reality. Dark but heartfelt lyrics, haunting melodies and Kristopher Dommin's enticing vocal work; the album has the whole package. I am also lucky to have met these guys too, so down to earth and friendly. They didn't mind me coming over three times for hugs, photo and an autograph.

Anyways, I think this is an absoulute wonderful way to get their fans involved. It's a remarkable way of giving something to those who showed their gratitude for their music and I cannot wait for the final outcome.

If you're a Dommin fan and want to know how you can get involved with this, click the link below for more info:

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fighting With Wire - Man vs. Monster

This was the absoulute perfect thing to keep me awake in a car journey on the way to help at a carboot sale first thing in the morning.

The opening track Cut The Transmission had a Billy Talent/Lostprophets vibe to it, which I thought worked very very well and it was a great energy vibe to kept me going for the rest of the day. My personal favourite track on the album is Long Distance, in some ways I could relate to the pain that's being expressed through the lyrics in this song and I loved the sadness in the melody.....anyway before I start crying. There were some elements of grunge as well as punk, the track Sugar sounded very much like a Nirvana track; it was like Kurt Cobain had come back from the dead....although in my eyes he is still very much alive. 

I would happily listen to this album again and again, it's one of those rare albums you can listen to from beginning to end :)

Stand Out Tracks:  Long Distance, Strength In Numbers and This Body Is In Danger

More Than Conquerors - More Than Conquerors EP

After watching an epic live set from this band the night before I was very much looking forward to listening to the EP I had purchased moments after their performance. I immediately got a glimpse of their unique approach to rock music from the opening track I've Done Nothing/I've Done It All, which at first seemed like it wasn't going to be heavy at all but then the dirty heavy riffs kicked in and I really really loved that. This band are also very very versatile, the tracks A Crooked Old World and Home Is A Red Dress I heard a banjo which I wasn't expecting at all from a heavy alternative rock band. I also admired the authentic clear vocals from Kris Platt, I could hear his Irish accent so so clearly and I really loved that, you hear the same kind of authentic accent vocals from Scottish Biffy Clyro. The songs were very cleverly written, particularly in Home Is Your Red Dress; the poetical metaphors were strong and clear. Looking forward to your next performance guys :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fighting with Wire @ The Joiners, Southampton 5/11/10

My main intention yesterday at The Joiners was to see The Light Divided, I'm usually good with checking out the other bands before I go to a gig but this time didn't. In some ways I thought it was better, since I was suprised on how blown away I could be by bands I knew absoulutely nothing about.

Anyways, me and a friend arrived a little bit later then intended...well I suppose it's better than standing out in the freezing cold waiting to get in. We went in to see the opening band The Longest Day, I looked around and I saw some of the people singing along to their stuff and dancing, so I could tell they were quite popular in their local area. I could see why, they were very good at passing their energetic vibe to the audience of rockers including me, as I mentioned before I love bands who show energy and passion in their performance. These guys definately kept up the brilliant reputation of bands from Southern England. I got an EP too, which I shall listen to so expect to see a post about that soon.
Next to play were The Light Divided, now I had seen them before support New Device and loved their performance. I had also listened to their EP, so I was looking forward to some of their songs of the EP being performed. I found myself singing along to a very studio like sound of Bad Blood and my personal favourite on the EP Who We Are, I recognised the older ones they performed at a previous gig. They also looked like they were having fun on stage, smiling as they played for their fans who were either singing along or head banging to their tunes. I also liked the idea of guitarist Chris getting phone numbers from whoever enjoyed their performance to let them know when the next local gig is. They were also more than happy to sign things and pose for photos with fans.

Belfast rockers More Than Conquerors were the main support band before Fighting With Wire, I was immediately hooked to their bouncy tunes that seemed lighthearted and mellow at first but then it started to turn into some intense heavy rock that you could just go plain crazy and mosh to. This was unexpected and I frickin loved that. Even though the mosh pit was small, I loved how lead singer Kris Platt got invloved in the action, I think he pushed me at one point :P Their set was just to EPIC for words, so I was wondering if Fighting With Wire were going to be as good as that. I signed up for their mailing list immediately and I bought an EP, which you should see a post about soon.

Last band along this epic line up of bands were headliners Fighting With Wire, I had only heard one song by them on MySpace that morning and liked what I heard. I also heard from others on how good they were so I was looking forward to it, I was not let down. For the first song the crowd immeditately started to go abosoulutely mental, I just love bands who can get the audience pumped up on the first few seconds of the opening song of the set, that is pure perfection for any band. I love their Foo Fighteresque melodies, riff and bouncy tunage that just leaves you feeling great, there was one brutal mosh pit after another. I personally love mosh pits, elbowing guys that are about twice your size it just makes you feel great, I'm suprised I didn't wake up with bruises today :P I look forward to listening to their album I bought last night too :D

Overall I loved the generally lively atmosphere for all the bands that played last night, this wasn't just for the bands but it was for the evening in general. In between bands it was great meeting lots of people including some of the bands, last night reminded me why The Joiners is my favourite music venue in Southampton. Unfortunately could not take as many photos of each band as I usually would....


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Kobra and the Lotus

Today I shall talking of Candian rockers Kobra and the Lotus, a lot of great rock band have hailed from Canada some of which include Bryan Adams, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne and Billy Talent. I found out the band Kodiak Jack, who I like already, were to support them at The Soul Cellar next month. I clicked on a link to their page and was hooked to the Iron Maiden like guitar riffs at the beggining of the song Cynical Wastelands. Brittany Paige's thrash metal vocal work also got my attention, they particularly worked on an awesome cover of Motorhead's classic Ace Of Spades.

For fans of Lacuna Coil and McQueen