Monday, 28 January 2013

Promo work

Hello everyone, how are things? I have recently volunteered to help out at a gig taking place at my favourite music venue The Joiners on 10th February. Heaven's Basement are the headlining act so it will be a great one. I'm not quite sure what I will be doing on the night but at the moment I have been doing some promo for the event such as sharing it around (which I will do at the end of the post) and inviting friends. So without further ado if you are in the Southampton area on 10th February then buy your tickets to see Heaven's Basement, one of Britain's brilliant up and coming rock bands. 

Here is the link to the event for more details.

Monday, 14 January 2013

My top albums of 2012

Hello everyone!!! I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, I am now in my final year at university so I have been very busy with uni assignments and my reviews for Loud which is still going incredibly well. Without further a do I will list you my top five albums from the previous year!

5) We Are The Others - Delain

Get The Devil Out Of Me was the first song I heard from this album. I thought it was haunting and powerful like most of Delain's tracks usually are, it was a great album to relieve stress and calm me down as this was the album I listened to when I had finished my second year at university early last year.

4) Weapons - Lostprophets

I went to the album launch for this and rather enjoyed it. The album itself was rather good in places, considering I felt their previous album The Betrayed was quite weak compared to Liberation Transmission. So this album really suprised in terms of how anthemic some of the songs were such as We Bring An Arsenal and Better Off Dead.

3) Imaginareum (Score) - Nightwish

Alongside the release of the film a lot of Nightwish fans had the eagerly awaited the release of the score to go with it. I like how this album takes the songs from Imaginareum released a year before and made into beautiful soundtrack pieces that you just imagine what could be happening in the film. 

2) Amaryllis - Shinedown

An album that took me by absoulute surprise in 2012. I had booked a ticket to see them locally and was intrigued as I hadn't really heard them before until recently. I loved this album from beggining to end as it consists of a great collection of songs and a lot of these sounded great live. From the energy fuelled Enemies to the heartfelt I'll Follow You this album has a great package to it and it was definitely a favourite of mine in 2012.

1) Raining Rock - Jettblack

'I hear the drumming of thunder and the running of rain' is the very anthemic song lyric that will be remembered for years to come. This legendary song comes from Wycombe, hard rockers Jettblack in the for of their second album Raining Rock. I actually went to the launch for this in London and loved every minute of their show. So much in fact it made me look forward to the release a lot more. With an eccletic selection of music from the thunderous title track Raining Rock to the beautiful ballad Black Gold, Jettblack have certainly come back and they mean business. I leave you with a video of my favourite song on the album Prison Of Love.