Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bloodstock 2013

Have been back from Bloodstock for a couple of days; it feels nice that I feel clean and slept in my own bed but I am feeling the festival withdrawal symptoms.

There have been some fantastic bands this year that have drawn huge crowds all weekend. The headliners King Diamond, Lamb Of God and Slayer were the perfect choice for headliners as they reunite metal fans from all over and brings them together. They may not have been my cup of tea but the atmosphere, the music and the togetherness they brought makes up for it.

The band I enjoyed the most was Avantasia; this supergroup have been going for a good fourteen years and this is their first visit to the UK. Their fusion of power metal and rock opera is phenomenal, Tobias Sammet's passion for this initial side project that took a life of it's own is very clear in his stage charismatic stage presence as he thanked his UK audience for having him perform at Bloodstock in the homeland. I was very happy when they performed the song Farewell as the audience sang along and swayed. All I can say about their performance is that if they ever come back to the UK, I highly recommend going to watch their spectacular performance.

The lovely weather we had all weekend for England made the festival experience so much more enjoyable. So it was a brilliant experience watching bands like Amorphis, Sabaton and Gojira in the gorgeous sunshine.

Two new bands I would watch out for are Mia Klose and Awake By Design; I happen to catch them on the Jagermiester stage.

What was brilliant about this year was that if you fancied a little break from the bands and didn't want to go back to your tent; there was men dressed in knight's armour having historical battle tournaments. It was something different and it drew huge crowds; the way the ran at each other and really went for it. It was quite a spectacle to watch; like a live action film, my boyfriend preferred it to XBox.....now that was something.

So I had a fantastic weekend and would love to go again next year.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Off to Bloodstock!!!! On a side note writers needed!!!!

Hi guys

Hope you are all well!!!! I have got to say being admin for a website is hard work but it is rewarding knowing I could be making a small difference to a band's career.

I am looking to expand Musical Lotty's Music Press so I am looking for reviewers and photographers who have a passion for music. No previous experience necessary, I just need determined, enthusiastic team members to write some quality reviews!!!! This being said I have appointed a very talented photographer as my official, her name is Naomi Rigley and I will put her full profile on the team page once it has been made!!! If you are interested in joining the team please send me an email at musicallotty@gmail.com or a message on the Facebook page.

I am off to Bloodstock this weekend which I am very much looking forward too, it's a chance to get away from things, relax and rock out to some of the biggest names in metal as well as new talent. I will write a post about Bloodstock when I get back. The bands I am looking forward to seeing are Amorphis, Sabaton and Avantasia; I am also looking forward to giving new sounds a try!!!

That is all and I will leave you with some Avantasia to enjoy!!