Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Theory Of A Deadman - Bitch Came Back video

Hello everyone; it has been a while. I have finally moved to my new house for university and I am settling in well; I am much closer to the action in Southampton and it is such a relief. I found the link on my Facebook wall today promoting the brand new video from Theory Of A Deadman; it's for my personal favourite song off the album Bitch Came Back. I find the song incredibly amusing; I love how the lyrics describe how guys see the girls sometimes. The video I found to be hilarious since it shows in a comical way how far fans can go when their band does something that doesn't please them (i.e. posting negative comments on YouTube and hatemail) in this video this particular fan goes as far as killing the band. I like how the woman crosses of each band member on her arm when she kills each member and how lead singer Tyler finds body bags with his band members names on them. A perfect video to reflect the title of the song. You can watch the video now by clicking here.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Van Canto - Break The Silence and New Nickelback

Well this is a first in Tuomaslotte's Music Journal history; two reviews in one post. I shall explain why; not only is Van Canto's new album out for release but today Nickelback have released two brand new tracks from their upcoming album that will be released November 21st. 

I'll first explain about acapella group's brand new album Break The Silence; it has a fantastic opening, very smooth sound that then transforms into a heavier vocals after Sly's roar. I have noticed a guest appearance from Sabaton's frontman Joakim Broden and coincidently covering the song Primo Victoria (originally by Sabaton) which I must say I love how they have made it sound like one of their own. If it isn't the front man of swedish power metal band then Sly does a great impression of his voice. One of the things I love about Van Canto is that they have a pagan sort of appearance that most of their original songs seem to reflect. Some of the songs on this album show this through songs like Black Wings Of Hate and Spelled In Waters; they both sound very different to each other but both of them remind of an enchanted forest setting and the first people.

A truly fantastic album; an varied collection of sound and melodies that make Van Canto stand out highly. Shame they won't be doing a UK tour anytime soon; I hope they do.

Stand Out Tracks:  Bed Of Nails, Spelled In Waters and The Seller Of Souls

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Now Nickelback have been out of the limelight for a while; they are one of my favourite bands and when I heard about a new album from them this year I jumped in the air for joy (not literally of course). Today they released two new tracks from the album; listening to When We Stand Together and Bottom's Up for the first time I was not let down at all. When We Stand Together is a very happy go lucky song that will cheer you up when you feel like hiding from the world around you; it makes me smile. Bottom's Up shows the band's dark side; it's more rocky and grungy, sounding more like Something In Your Mouth or Never Again. One of the things I love about Nickelback is their versatile collection of songs and these two brand new songs that very different to each other prove this statement.

Here's my personal favourite out of the two; When We Stand Together.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Top 10 Live Shows of 2011: 10-6

I did go and see a lot of bands this year all over the south of England (mainly Southampton). Here is my first part of the top ten; click the title to read the full gig review.

10. In Darklight EP launch @ The Clapham Grand; London 19/8/2011

This was possibly the biggest event for Andover three piece alternative/experimental rock band In Darklight; I remember them telling this was their biggest venue they have played at so far and they did a fantastic job. Their new EP was being released too so I think this was a fantastic way to promote it; it was my first time visiting The Clapham Grand so it was a very exciting experience for me. 

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9. Open Mic night @ The Royal Oak; Southampton 30/10/2011

This was a fantastic opportunity to see just in store what Southampton had to offer in terms of new talent; this particular day was fantastic since it was the first time I got to see this in action. Seeing new talent from the likes of acoustic four piece Simon Says with their happy go lucky tunes that make the world want to join together in song to some hilarious antics from hosts Neil and Mario dressed as two very good looking ladies The Royal has it all. It is described as the ultimate student local and I can definitely see why.

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8. Die So Fluid @ The Talking Heads; Southampton 5/3/2011

I will definitely describe this show as a night of industrial metal madness; I also became a fan of two new bands that really just blew me away. Dreams Divide providing something original and fresh, Killing For Company giving us something that is easy on the ears and Die So Fluid giving a show stopping performance as the headlining act. That night enforced my love for industrial metal.

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7. Daniel Leigh Solo @ The Cellar; Southampton 28/1/2011

Daniel Leigh's beautiful acoustic set was part of an Angry Badger showcase along with other great acts featuring Kodiak Jack and We Caught The Castle. This was the first time me watching Dan without his band New Device and it really emphasised his unique voice. It was also fantastic to hear some new material from him too.

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6. Sonata Arctica @ Sub89; Reading 24/3/2011

Sonata Arctica have been in my musical heart for about two years now ever since I listened to Finnish power metal; I really love how their lyrics are very poetic and they add some guitars to the mix to make a fantastic show. Their live performance showed their passion for their music and I love how they interacted with their fans. Performing a selection of songs from Replica to Flag In The Ground the Finnish metallers really know how to get a crowd going. I do hope to see them perform live again very soon.

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Well here is my first half of the top ten live shows; be sure to look out for the next half. 

Monday, 12 September 2011

Van Canto - The Seller of Souls

Well it's very rare I write two blog posts in one day but this new song by German acapella group Van Canto could not possibly go unnoticed. I have been blown away by their cleverly arranged vocal harmonies and no instruments but a drum is used. A gap in the popular music industry I think; have admired their covers of famous metal songs that have made their mark such as Nightwish's Wishmaster and Iron Maiden's Fear Of The Dark. They have also written such beautiful original songs that you not hear like it anywhere else. I must say the heroes of acapella have progressed most definitely through this extremely powerful song that I must be hearing for about the third time in the past fifteen minutes because it is that amazing. I am very excited about the realease of their new album which will be from 23rd September; click here for more details, you can now preorder the album.

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A new adventure

Hello everyone

How are you? As I mentioned in an earlier post I will be moving to a new address for university that I plan to do tomorrow; so I won't have internet in the house for at least a month but I will find ways to keep you updated with the latest music news, album and live reviews. I haven't actually got a gig to go to until October where I see Black Veil Brides at Southampton University on 6th; same week I go back to university where all the gigs and musical times shall happen. I also have been helping the promotions company Jackhammer Promotions in any way I can; so far trying to find a venue for a band's Southampton date. I'm grabbing any music journalling opportunity I can; want to get as much experience as possible, step 1 Update my CV!!!!

Take care now

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Culture and Magic in Stratford Upon Avon

Hello my lovelys

Hope you have all had a great weekend; I have spent the last couple of days in Stratford Upon Avon. A beautiful vibrant town sparkling with culture; since it is the birth place of one of the greatest playwrights Mr William Shakespeare. Arriving on Sunday lunchtime we hopped on the Sightseeing open top bus to Anne Hathaway's cottage; I am talking about Shakespeare's wife not the actress. It has the most beautiful garden and a very tranquil woodland walk where my sister and I watched the squirrels chasing each other in the treetops. One of the most amazing sights in nature I have seen for a long long time; I love nature very much. Mary Arden's Farmhouse was also fantastic; looking at rare breeds of the different farm animals was amazing. 

The next day we visited Shakespeare's Birthplace; unfortunately couldn't take any photos inside the exhibition places but managed to get photos of the beautiful garden and the flat topped tree. Now we couldn't go to Shakespeare town and not see one of his plays; at the theatre we went to see a modern version of The Merchant Of Venice. I liked how it was set in a Las Vegas casino; it was full of energy, it was spectacular. I was also amazed to see one of Hollywood's most iconic and all round gentleman Patrick Stewart performing the part of Shylock to the most absolute perfection.

My last day took place at Warick Castle; one of the best touristy places I have ever been too. Everything from the dressed up staff members playing the part of those who lived in 18th-19th century Britain to the grand architecture in the grand rooms of the castle. It was fun riding the wheels of the trebuchet; the large catapaults used as weaponry; very much like walking in a large hamster wheel I think I have my exercise done today. Plus climbing at least 500 stairs to explore the ramparts and towers of the castle.

Take care now; I leave you with a photo of a very special something I have bought on my trip.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Requiem For The Dead - Always & Forever

Well Californian industrial rockers Requiem For The Dead have been a highlight to my musical findings this year; ex I Am Ghost frontman Steven Juliano, who happens to be one of my favourite vocalists, fronts this band. Day by day the band have releasing songs from the album this post is all about, creating a an exciting build up to this day where it is now available to download. As a fan of the band and being a highlight in my musical findings I can now reveal this album was well worth the wait. The prelude Sad Boy Meets Sad Girl is so beautifully uplifting; it sets the tone of the album immediately and I got excited hearing it as it smoothly transforms into the next track Those Lovely Shark People. After that the album continues to make me smile; it was the very thing to wake me up before heading off to work today. The acclectic collection this band have created is just mindblowing; the upbeat feel good ones such as Those Lovely Shark People make you smile and then you are haunted by the really dark industrial ones such as The Death Note Of Shipwrecks.

Overall an amazing debut album; it is definitely one of those albums you can listen to over and over again. Hope to see them across the pond sometime.

Stand Out Tracks:  Blonde To Red, The Misadventure Of Coffin Kid and The Terrible Tale Of Two

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