Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Artist - Anthony Vincent (Ten Second Songs)

When I did an interview with Strange Music they described it as trojan horsing the mainstream.’ – Anthony Vincent, Ten Second Songs

He is taking the Internet, particularly YouTube by storm and music fans genuinely love him. I am talking about ANTHONY VINCENT whose unique version of KATY PERRY’s “Dark Horse” received a lot of praise. This video was meant to advertise his business, this video took on a life of it’s own and went viral.  So what made this video so successful?
“I think it was because it was something that no one else had seen before.” Anthony says. “Usually when you see something unique on YouTube you have the biters [people who want to copy it] but I haven’t seen that maybe because it’s so unique to me.”

As you can see in the video there are a lot of different artist styles featured in this video; from the brutally heavy PANTERA to easy listening Jazz legend FRANK SINATRA this unique cover of ‘Dark Horse’ certainly covered a lot of the music spectrum.
“I jotted down the artists in literally five minutes” Anthony explains “At the top of my head just jotted them down because that’s really my span of influence. Not only is it the kind of music I enjoy but also the kind of music I do with custom songs, which I’ve done for over a year now.”

Since then he has released a brand new cover of JASON DERULO’s 'Talk Dirty To Me' that features more diverse artists including Disco icons BEE GEES to Metal giants SLAYER. When speaking of his methods of future methods the analogy that came from his lips was quite genius:
“When I did an interview with Strange Music they described it as trojan horsing the mainstream” Anthony enlightens “You take a song from the top ten chart and you use that song to show people all these different artists that people aren’t getting enough of or don’t know about. For example you have a pop song sung in the style of NIRVANA, people then want to go and listen to NIRVANA.“

All I can say from this is be sure you keep your eyes peeled for this talented vocalist.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Word On The Web: Sparks fly over 5FDP stage stunt

The news that is currently stirring the online sphere in the world of music comes in the form of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and their stage stunt involving nine year old Olivia Douglas. 

It involved lead singer Ivan Moody encouraging Douglas to sing along to the words "Burn MotherF****** Burn" in front of thousands of fans. She appears to be confused and unsure to what's happening in the video, even looking toward her Dad for reassurance. The issue is that it's being classed as abuse from different sources including lawyer Miguel Fernandez who had this to say:
"This child is being used as a prop. I feel sorry for this child. This child is helpless in that position. What does the child do? She's frozen."

Watch the video below:

Would you class this as abuse? I personally wouldn't, the band's intentions wasn't to harm anyone and whether this gets a positive or negative response the band are still receiving publicity.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New Artist: Vehement

“Vehement will not kiss anyone’s arse.” – Andras, Vehement

Silence has been broken in Eastbourne, Sussex from the loud, thunderous sound of Extreme Metal piece VEHEMENT. Another band I was able to catch amongst the busy surroundings at Southampton Annihilation Festival. Influenced by some of the biggest giants of metal such as MAYHEM, EMPEROR and BEHEMOTH but also some unlikely inspirations for a metal band such as DAVID BOWIE and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES. It seems though this break down of inspirations have defined the band’s sound.

“It’s a collective of music to help write our own stuff if that makes sense.” Guitarist Wraith explains. “I think for the most part with all of our different influences that come into it then combine everything to create something.” Bassist Nybras concludes, “Hence why we’re not necessarily Black Metal, we have a lot of different influences.” They are a different sort of metal which Wraith continues to explain “I think what makes VEHEMENT a bit more unique is that, like Andras was saying, there’s no bull**** between us. There are no theatrics and there are no gimmicks.”

It’s also fantastic to see a hardworking band that care about one thing and one thing only, keeping their fans and new listeners happy. Also how they will get places through hard work and not pay for Facebook likes.
We’d rather grind through these shows and earn it. We played at half past 2 this afternoon and we had a great crowd; that’s all what matters to us.” Drummer Andras justifies “At the end of the day, Vehement will not kiss anyone’s arse.”

If you wish to check out Vehement and I recommend you do, find them on Facebook.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Artist: Laid Wasted

"LAID WASTED have just made up the word fruitation so remember that bitches."  Sean Walsh, Laid Wasted

I had the pleasure of catching the Southampton based Death/Thrash Metal piece LAID WASTED at Southampton Annihilation Festival. This band however are different to previous Death Metal bands I have seen before; particularly frontman Sean Walsh's theatrically comical stage presence.

"People describe it as bats**** crazy but yeah you've got to get up there and do something otherwise people aren't going to want to watch you." Sean explains. "You might as put a cardboard cutout on stage if you aren't going to do anything."

They have mainly played around Southampton, Winchester and the Hampshire area but they are going to try and travel to more places. "We've got a gig lined up in Hastings at the end of the month." Guitarist Joe Long clarifies "Hopefully there'll be a string of dates in August where we will be playing in London."

To match Sean's crazy stage presence there are some crazy songs to match; including his Batman song that went down very well at the festival. "I thought it would be ideal to write about this particular Batman tale where he ends up going into the Asylum himself so it's mixture of Batman and Joker stuff." Sean tells me.

There is the news of a potential brand new album in the near future as bassist Sam explains, using a new word"We'll be busy writing over the next few months so the prospects are there; we just need it to come to fruitation so let's hope so." As Sean says in the first quote, Laid Wasted are taking credit; it was a pleasure to speak to the boys and hopefully I'll catch them again soon.

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