Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Metal Night @ Bar Blue, Eastbourne 05.06.2014

Arriving into Eastbourne on this fateful day I was quite surprised how it’s rural surroundings and quiet town center could be associated with any kind of metal. Attending this Metal Night held at Bar Blue however I was pleased to see that the spirit of metal was being kept alive with a host of bands and a loyal community.

To open up this night of chaos were Brighton based HOLE IN THE SKY. I have seen this band several times and have been impressed with their excellent stage presence.  This night was no exception; given the small crowd that did not stop the Brighton Technical Death Metal outfit from giving it all they’ve got. A capital choice to commence the night of Metal.

Hailing from Manchester Death Metal band ISOLATED were next up to give us a night of hell; in this case that is compliment. As the venue got fuller and the crowds got more chaotic ISOLATED certainly had Eastbourne at the palm of their hands with their phenomenal interaction with the metal head community.  The sort of band I can see playing at festivals; encouraging everyone to let loose and have a great time.

Headlined by London Extreme Metal heads SCUTUM CRUX, no inhibitions were being held this evening when they took to the stage. Their description ‘a no holds-barred extreme  metal maelstrom’ as displayed on the event’s Facebook page seemed evident in their performance of bedlam and pandemonium. Again these being compliments in this case. For me personally this band failed to keep my attention but as for the rest of Bar Blue it seemed to be the vital conclusion to close the bands section of this metal night.

So overall my first experience of an Eastbourne Metal Night has been a excellent one; if you wish to head for a night where you may sacrifice your liver to some vicious yet satisfying Extreme Metal than clearly this is the night for you! Just to note this is coming from a novice Extreme Metal listener.

Words by Charlotte Whittingham

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