Friday, 27 June 2014

Ask Me Anything - What do you think your first impression on people is?

I took this idea from fellow blogger Amie Johnson and she gave me her blessing to give it a try for my blog here. She gave me the first question which is:

"What do you think your first impression on people is?"

- Amie Johnson

I really had to think hard on how I could answer this question; I usually like to make a good first impression on people as I like to think I am a nice person and I would never ever intend to hurt or upset anyone. I like to make new friends so I always have a smile on my face and always willing to listen, chat what have you. 

I've started to go with something a friend of mine said when I meet people; "What you see is what you get" so when I first meet people I show them who I really am from the word go. I would never make up lies to impress someone and I would never be rude to someone; I want people to like me for me. In terms of first impressions; I hope I leave a positive one for those I meet, I am a fairly relaxed, chilled out person anyway so I tend to get on with most people and I never get bored of meeting new faces. Sometimes I think I come across as annoying; I don't know why but sometimes I get that vibe, either way I prefer someone tells me this to my face.

So overall I think I leave a good first impression but I really cannot say for certain as it depends on who I meet.    

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